Outdoor furniture: focus on resin

For the layout of the garden, outdoor furniture occupies a very important place. In addition to bringing design to your outdoor space and making it more attractive, it also allows you to have a place where you can organize your family evenings or your lunches with friends.

However, to benefit from all the advantages of outdoor furniture, it is important to choose it well. Among all the furniture offered on the market, resin garden furniture is gaining popularity and is now more and more popular because of the multiple benefits it offers. Here is an overview of the advantages of this furniture.

The resin is recyclable

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to remember what a resin garden furniture is. Resin outdoor furniture has a rattan-like appearance, but is made with polyethylene (synthetic) fibers, which are strong and aesthetically pleasing. It is therefore furniture designed in plastic.

However, contrary to what one might think, this material has the advantage of being recyclable. In fact, opting for resin furniture allows you to have the same result as with rattan furniture, for example. The fibers of this furniture are associated and braided around a resistant structure, often in reinforced aluminum, and reproduce the appearance of rattan very well. Garden furniture in woven resin, armchairs, garden chests, resin flower pots, outdoor tables and chairs… you will find top-of-the-range, easy-care products on specialized sites.

Resin is weather resistant

The other reason you should choose resin outdoor furniture is the high weather resistance of this material. Indeed, the resin supports well the rays of the sun and the humidity. The fibers that make up this furniture are treated to resist UV rays. They are tinted in the mass and mounted on a metal structure, which ensures great durability of the equipment.

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What’s more, the resin is rot-proof. In fact, it does not discolor or oxidize under the effect of humidity. You can therefore very well install your outdoor furniture near your swimming pool or put it in the middle of the garden in full sun. This material is not afraid of water or UV.

Weather Resin

Resin furniture is functional

Consisting of a reinforced aluminum structure, resin garden furniture is quite light. So it will be easy for you to move it according to your needs. In addition, this furniture is easy to store. Since it is a built-in garden furniture, you can store it under a table or in the back of your garage to reduce clutter and better protect it.

Furthermore, the maintenance of resin furniture is very easy. To clean it, you just need to bring a soft sponge and a bucket of water. Since pores are absent between the fibers of this material, the deposition of volatile waste is avoided. If a layer of dust settles on the furniture due to the action of the wind, you can simply remove it with soapy water and rinse everything before drying it in the sun.

At last, this type of garden furniture is very aesthetic. With contemporary lines and various graphic shapes, resin furniture offers style to your exterior.

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