5 decorative objects to warm up your interior

In winter, the heating system is not always enough to provide comfortable and friendly warmth. Additional heating is then required. Good news, it is now possible to install auxiliary heating systems in a home while ensuring a better aesthetic appearance to combine comfort with visual pleasure. Discover our selection of decorative objects below to warm up your interior.

The stove : the decorative heating par excellence

The stove is one of the essentials of contemporary homes. Thanks to a significant renewal of its design, this heating furniture fits perfectly with modern decoration styles. Can be leaned against a wall or placed on an island or freestanding in the center of a room, the stove is a decorative piece in its own right that brings a cozy touch to a room. However, it is indeed an auxiliary heating system that will raise the temperature of a room by a few degrees.

5 Decorative Objects To Warm Up Interiors

Red for more warmth

An American study suggests that a 3°C to 4°C increase in the perceived temperature is recorded in rooms that are painted red. Would you like to bring more warmth to your dining room or bedroom? Why not opt ​​for this color? It is not really part of the decorative objects, but if you want to avoid painting the walls entirely in this color, opt for certain parts only by playing with other colors to vary the shades. Furniture in red also has the same effect on the temperature felt in the room.

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Velvet furniture to keep you warm

Velvet has always been one of the top-of-the-range fabrics in the manufacture of furniture and in particular sofas to be decorated with cushions. It offers a unique aesthetic that designers have not failed to exploit to design original and elegant furniture. This fabric has the advantage of keeping you warm. You could therefore snuggle up in it during the winter evenings in the greatest comfort.

5 Decorative Objects To Warm Up Your Interior Tips

Install more light sources

Did you know that the lack of light can affect our mood and our morale, which explains the seasonal depressions also called winter blues. Bringing more light into your living space can therefore help to make the atmosphere warmer. Soft light sources are ideal because they have a noticeable impact on the decoration of the room. You can also choose candles that bring dim light and warmth to the room.

Carpets and rugs warm

The floor is one of the factors that influence the level of heat in a room. You would certainly have noticed that tiled floors are often colder than parquet. Carpet remains the warmest floor covering. It prevents your feet from direct contact with hard ground which very often retains the cold. If you don’t like carpeting because it’s simply harder to maintain, opt for area rugs placed in specific areas of your home.

A good roof can also prevent heat loss. Click here to consult our tips for properly maintaining your roof.

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