Why move with a professional?

You have found the house that suits you. It is then necessary to organize your move to this new accommodation. To achieve this, it is best to use the services of a professional mover. It’s up to you to choose, among the formulas offered, the one that best meets your expectations and is distinguished by the best quality/price ratio.

The services of a professional mover

Whatever its name, there is first of all a more economical formula, which supposes the participation of the person moving. In this case, she packs all her belongings herself, including fragile items.

Some packages of the same type only provide for the packaging of non-fragile effects. The others are packed by the movers, who load the boxes into a truck and transport them to your new home. There, they also unpack, with great care, these fragile objects.

Some formulas, more expensive, provide for the disassembly and reassembly of some furniture, protected by covers. Finally, if you choose the most complete packages, you no longer have to worry about anything.

Those are the movers who take care of everything. They arrive at your home with their boxes and wardrobes and pack all your belongings. They also take care of the assembly and reassembly of the furniture.

They can also unplug electrical appliances and clean the accommodation you are leaving. Arrived in your new home, the movers put away your belongings and put everything back in place.

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How to calculate the price of a move?

A move entails significant expenses, including the cost varies according to certain criteria.

It depends first on the volume represented by your furniture and all of your belongings. This volume is calculated in m3. The average cost of a m3 varies from approximately 35 to 90 euros. It is itself closely related to the area of ​​your future home.

It will be cheaper for you to move to a studio than to a five-room apartment. Another criterion to take into account, to determine the cost of a move, is the distance.

You will not pay the same price if you settle in the same city as if you move to a distant place of a hundred kilometers or, a fortiori, abroad.

Moving expenses still depend on of the chosen formula. Thus, to move at the best price, it will be more economical to pack your things yourself than to let the movers take care of everything.

Other costs can further increase the bill. They include in particular the possible purchase of boxes and other packaging methods as well as the expenses related to your change of address.

How to reduce the cost of a move?

Several solutions are available to you to move at the best price. In this way, you can reduce the volume of goods to be transported. To do this, you should sort your belongings and, depending on the size of your new home, remove objects or furniture that will be of no use to you.

The cost of the move also depends on the chosen formula. Some, which assume your participation in the move, are more economical than others. The price will also be higher if you take out specific insurance, which guarantees the value of fragile or precious objects.

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In addition, movers charge higher prices at certain times of the year and at certain times of the week or month. This is howit is better to plan your move in the fall rather than in summer and in the middle of the week rather than the weekend.

Furthermore, it is essential to compare the offers of the movers. It is therefore advisable to request a free and detailed estimate from each moving company. For its part, the use of an online comparator will allow you, in a few clicks, to obtain a summary table of the main offers.

This will make it easier for you to choose the one that offers the best value for money.

Finally, there are moving aids, which can reduce the cost. In addition to housing aid, the Family Allowance Funds (CAF) can pay moving allowances.

They are intended for large families and are paid, under certain conditions, to people benefiting from housing aid granted by the CAF. Other support systems exist for employees.

Action Housing Service thus grants loans and subsidies intended to partly finance a move motivated by professional reasons. This aid, granted subject to means testing, is subject to a ceiling and depends both on the configuration of the household and the area in which the move is to take place.

In addition, aid, reserved for low-income households, is granted by the Housing Solidarity Fund. They include the payment of moving costs as well as all those which allow access to housing.

Still other aids are planned to facilitate professional transfers or more specifically concern civil servants or retirees.

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