Choosing the right insurance when you are self-employed

Like any entrepreneur, the auto-entrepreneur may, depending on the activity he exercises, have the obligation to take out one or more professional insurance policies. These allow it to cover the risks related to its activity in order to protect its assets and protect itself from damage caused to others. However, faced with the multitude of offers available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to choose auto-entrepreneur insurance. Here is an overview of professional insurance for artisans in micro-enterprises. We give you advice to help you choose your insurance when you are a self-employed craftsman and subscribe to it safely.

Auto-entrepreneur insurance: which are mandatory and optional?

The status of auto-entrepreneur rhymes with freedom and independence. At the same time, it also means being responsible for one’s professional actions. This is the reason why the management of a self-employed business includes the subscription of certain compulsory insurances. Other optional insurances are also recommended to benefit from optimal protection.

Compulsory insurance for self-employed craftsmen

The ten-year guarantee is compulsory for building and construction professionals. It therefore covers self-employed artisans in the event of damage affecting the solidity and destination of their work or even in the event of hidden defects which occur within 10 years after acceptance of the site. To find yourself among the many existing offers in this area and benefit from the best possible protection, do not hesitate to call on a brokerage firm specializing in ten-year auto-entrepreneur insurance, which will be able to help you. to make your choice.

Professional car insurance is compulsory if the self-employed craftsman uses a vehicle during the performance of his duties. This guarantee allows you to be covered in the event of bodily injury and material damage inflicted on a third party by the vehicle.

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If the self-employed craftsman has a private workplace to carry out his activity, multi-risk insurance is compulsory. This covers both the professional premises against claims (fire, theft, vandalism, flood) and professional equipment.

Compulsory Self-employed Insurance

Optional insurance for self-employed craftsmen

professional indemnity insurance or RC Pro is compulsory for certain regulated professions, such as health professionals, legal professionals, construction professionals with the exception of craftsmen, chartered accountants, real estate agents, etc. However, it is strongly recommended for artisans. In the exercise of their activity, their liability is effectively engaged many times, such as in the event of fault or professional accidents. This warranty can protect them in these cases.

The juridic protection is optional insurance. Nevertheless, it is also recommended in certain situations, especially when its activities involve the risk of litigation with customers.

Finally, if the auto-entrepreneur has not retained salaried activity, it is also recommended to take stock of personal insurance including complementary health and provident insurance. Daily allowance insurance is recommended for liberals.

How to find the best insurance?

Knowing the compulsory and optional professional insurance for your self-employed activity is a first step. Now it remains to find the best offer. Here are some tips for choosing the right auto-entrepreneur insurance.

Make a comparison of offers

The market is full of insurance offers for professionals, including auto-entrepreneurs. In order to have a clearer view of them and to subscribe to the best contract, it is advisable to request several quotes from several insurance companies and to make a comparison. But this process can be long and tedious. To save time and simplify the task, the use of an insurance comparator is recommended.. All you have to do is provide your personal information and the specifics of your activity. In a few minutes, you will obtain several quotes. As these quotes are personalized according to your needs, all you have to do is compete to find the best offer.

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Another option to be able to compare pro insurance offers is to use a brokerage firm. Thanks to the experience she has acquired in the field of insurance for auto-entrepreneurs, she will be better able to answer you.

Check the level of guarantees offered

Beyond the price, it is essential to check the very object of the contract: the guarantees included. It is important to read the clauses of the contract carefully and to be well informed to have the maximum of precisions and details on the coverages. In addition to checking what is covered, what is not covered must also be clearly indicated in the contract.

Among the questions that must be asked: what damage is covered? Up to what amount does the insurer cover repairs?

There are insurance contracts that can include all the guarantees necessary for self-employed craftsmen, such as the ten-year guarantee, professional civil liability and legal protection. This saves on the subscription of other contracts.

Ensure that the guarantees adapt to its activity

Because each company is different, the guarantees must also be adapted to your needs and your activity. The insurer will use your statements to calculate its rate. In particular, it will take into account the size of your company, the nature of your activity, your forecast turnover, etc. To avoid finding yourself with excessively heavy contributions, it is advisable to don’t overstate your business. On the other hand, the contract should have some flexibility to evolve with your company.

Your insurance contract must also cover all of your activities. So, take care to declare them all to avoid forfeiture of warranty.

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Choose the best rate

This factor is decisive when it comes to finding the best auto-entrepreneur insurance offer. However, you should not base your choice solely on this point. A price that is too attractive can hide unpleasant surprises. Doing a simple price comparison will not be relevant. Above all, it is necessary compare the relationship between the guarantees offered and the price of the service. You should also check the annual cost and how it spreads throughout the year as well as the associated fees. Sometimes an attractive offer at the beginning can become less attractive by adding the fees.

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