What is the role of a terminated auto insurance adjuster?

It may happen that, in certain situations, your insurer terminates your auto insurance contract. You must then take out new insurance, which will undoubtedly be more complicated. However, to deal with this situation, simple solutions exist.

The reasons for termination

Termination of the auto insurance contract, at the initiative of the insurer, is possible in some cases. He can make that decision if you don’t do not pay your dues on time. After a certain period, the insurer will send you a formal notice to pay. If in the one month deadlineafter receipt of this letter, you do not pay your insurance premium, the insurer may terminate the contract.

Likewise, if you have suffered several consecutive accidents, whether you are responsible for it or not, the insurer may consider that you represent, in some way, an aggravated risk for him. It’s the same if your driving is reckless and cause you to drive too fast or drive under the influence of alcohol. These situations can also encourage the insurer to impose a penalty on you, in other words to increase your contributions, and then, ultimately, to terminate your contract.

Indeed, you will have become for him a risky driver, from which he will prefer to separate.

A few simple tips

When your contract is terminated, you must sign a new one. Since car insurance is compulsory, a solution must be found. Discovering an insurer who agrees to offer you a car contract will not be an easy task. And it is likely that, even then, he will charge you very high prices. Indeed, he will have no difficulty in finding your trace in various files, which will inform him about your profile.

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However, it is not impossible to lower your bill a little. If you drive less than planned, you can include a lower mileage than indicated in your previous contract. You can also choose a simpler car or opt, if you already have one, for less expensive third-party insurance.

Finally, it is useful to adopt a very wise behavior at the wheel. By choosing very careful driving, you will be able to regain your bonus and demonstrate your goodwill. In this way, it will be easier, after a while, to take out a classic car insurance contract.

Specialized auto insurance

A malussé driver, whose car insurance contract has just been terminated, will therefore find it very difficult to take out a new contract with a traditional company. In this case, all insurers will have the same reflex. They can offer you contracts at very high prices or even refuse to insure you.

However, there are specialized insurance companies which agree to insure drivers considered to be at risk. Their goal is therefore not to scare them away, but to provide them with reasonable offers. Admittedly, their prices, which take into account the greater risk they accept to take, are a little higher. But they are not a deterrent.

The Importance of a Terminated Auto Insurance Adjuster

Another advantage of these insurance companies is the support offered to drivers. Their employees listen to their customers and are real experts in the field. The role of a terminated auto insurance adjuster? : its mission is to carefully study the specific situation of each driver and of him provide an appropriate response to their specific needs.

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To find out which insurance is best for you as a terminated driver, there are online sites that compare the different offers. They are often classified according to the situations they must cover. This is how certain car insurance contracts are adapted to drivers who have not paid their contributions. Others will be more appropriate if you have had a lot of claims. To achieve the result you are looking for, you are asked to provide some information and describe your situation.

Use of the Central Tariff Bureau

If, despite everything, you are refused by insurance companies, including insurers specializing in the insurance of terminated drivers, you can contact the Central Pricing Office.

The mission of this official body, independent of insurance companies, is to oblige an insurer to offer you an insurance contract. However, this coercive power has limits. Seized by the Bureau, the insurer will have to offer you car insurance which provides for civil liability cover. This mandatory formula constitutes the minimum cover. No insurer can be forced by this organization to grant you additional cover.

The Central Pricing Bureau will set the rate for your new car insurance. He will do this based on a review of the quotes you have requested from several insurers. He will then choose the offer which, given your situation, seems to him the most reasonable.

However, recourse to the Pricing Office requires compliance with a specific procedure. Before contacting him, you must present his services with two written refusals, opposed by different insurance companies. The refusal may be implicit, and result, for a certain period, from the silence of the insurers concerned. In this case, do not forget to send them a registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt. In addition, certain documents must be attached to your application. This is the case, in particular, of the cancellation letter sent by your insurance company or the information statement from your insurer, which traces your history as an insured. In and of itself, referral to the Rating Office is not worth insuring your vehicle. You will have to wait for his decision, which may take a month or two.

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