Natural treatments for hypothyroidism

Fatigue, feeling of exhaustion, chilliness… Perhaps you suffer from hypothyroidism. This thyroid disorder is the most common and mainly affects women. Discover the causes and symptoms of this widespread disease. And treat your hypothyroidism with natural solutions and remedies: plants, good gestures, essential oils, food… Everything you need to know to overcome an overly lazy thyroid gland and stimulate it!

Hypothyroidism : What is that ?

Hypothyroidism is the most commonly observed dysfunction of the thyroid gland. This disorder affects about 2% of the population. However, women are the most affected by hypothyroidism, especially over the age of 65.

This is a lack of production of thyroid hormones. This results mainly from primary involvement of the thyroid gland. This causes many tissue and metabolic effects in the body.

The causes

Hypothyroidism can have several origins:

  • atrophic thyroiditis (unknown mechanism);
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease characterized by the presence of antibodies directed against the thyroid. The gland is gradually destroyed by chronic inflammation;
  • there are also post-therapeutic causes (thyroid surgery for cancer, radiotherapy of the neck, etc.);
  • on the other hand, there may also be drug causes causing iodine overload (amiodarone, cardarone, lithium, etc.);
  • hypothyroidism sometimes occurs after pregnancy;
  • finally, congenital abnormalities are also the cause of thyroid disorders. This means that hypothyroidism is present at birth, even if it does not cause any symptoms. It causes a delay in psychomotor development of growth. Today, the disorder is systematically detected at birth, and benefits from good care.


When the hormone deficiency is well established, the signs of hypothyroidism are obvious:

  • from a cutaneous point of view, the face appears magnified and the features thickened. The complexion appears yellow and the eyelids heavy. On the other hand, the hairs are meant to be rare and brittle (hair, eyebrows, pubic hair and under the armpits). As for the skin, it turns out to be dry and cold. Finally, we notice that the fingers are stubby and the nails break easily;
  • the voice becomes hoarse and the subject suffers from reduced hearing;
  • the person who suffers from hypothyroidism also undergoes a psychomotor slowing down (lack of energy, general indifference or even depressive syndrome);
  • deep fatigue is accompanied by other ailments such as chilliness, constipation, weight gain, frequent and painful cramps, joint pain;
  • finally, in women, there are also gynecological disorders (absence of periods, infertility, breast discharge).
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Natural treatments for hypothyroidism

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

To fight against hypothyroidism, it is advisable to adopt good rules of hygiene of life. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and engage in gentle activity such as walking or swimming.

A natural protocol

To replace taking medication, there is a natural protocol based on L-tyrosine (amino acid), zinc, selenium and iron.


Classic plants of Indian medicine are known to regulate the functioning of the thyroid gland. Among them, ashwaghanda (also called Indian ginseng) which increases the production of T4, and guggul (Commiphora mukul) which has a stimulating effect on the thyroid.


This cereal is recommended in case of hypothyroidism. Indeed, thanks to its richness in amino acids and minerals, it naturally supports the work of the thyroid gland.

In case of severe fatigue, consume it in the morning. Swallow a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. You can also eat this cereal as a more concentrated, standardized fresh plant extract. Then take 1 to 2 spoons a day in a glass of water, for three months.

Be careful, oats are not suitable for people intolerant or allergic to gluten.

The seaweeds

Algae increase iodine intake. However, some hypothyroidisms are due to an iodine deficiency.

Consume it in the form of seaweed tartars or by sprinkling your soups with this natural product. Also note that we find algae such as fucus as a dietary supplement.


This tonic plant acts against fatigue and it also helps the body to better fight against stress-related upheavals.

Use blackcurrant in gemmotherapy, that is to say using the buds of plants in the form of glycerine macerate.

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Drink 15 drops a day, diluted in a glass of water, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach. It takes a cure of several weeks before noticing the first positive effects.

Black spruce essential oil

This is the essential oil most used in cases of hypothyroidism. It is particularly useful when the person feels exhausted or under pressure.

Massage the lower back or the soles of the feet with 1 to 2 drops of black spruce EO. This must be diluted in vegetable oil or body milk. Preferably do the massage in the morning.

Favorite foods

In case of hypothyroidism, it is advisable to adopt a suitable diet to alleviate the symptoms and avoid weight gain.

Your diet should be rich in iodine and nutrients involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones (selenium, vitamins B12 and D). You will find iodine in seafood, fish (cod, haddock…), dairy products and table salt enriched with iodine. To consume selenium and vitamin B12, choose eggs, meat and poultry, seafood and whole grains. And for a vitamin D-rich diet, eat fatty fish, egg yolk, margarine, and fortified soy beverages instead.

Other foods such as fruits and vegetables should also be consumed. And complement with good hydration and the practice of a gentle sports activity.

Foods to ban

Conversely, there are so-called goitrogenic foods. It is therefore advisable to eliminate them from your diet because they slow down the functioning of the thyroid gland. Among them :

  • cabbage (cauliflower, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, etc.);
  • turnip and rutabaga;
  • sweet potatoes;
  • millet;
  • watercress…

And in case of iodine deficiency, it is also better to avoid soy.

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