How to decorate your house for Christmas?

The Christmas tree is in place in the living room, but something is missing to really create a festive atmosphere. And if instead of just decorating the tree, you put the small dishes in the big ones. Of course, decorating your house for Christmas represents a budget, but there are tips for highlighting your interior without breaking the bank. Discover our tips and tricks to make your home warm and friendly.

The strategic places to decorate your house for Christmas

No need to place glittering garlands and other Christmas decorations everywhere in your house, in every corner, to bring a festive note to your interior. For the decor to remain elegant and harmonious, it is better to do it sparingly. In this sense, it is advisable to select a few strategic places such as the fireplace or the windowsill to put Christmas suspensions and accessories.

The front door

It’s the first thing your New Year’s Eve guests will see on the evening of December 24. Highlight your front door by decorating it with taste.

Traditionally, a Christmas wreath is placed. But you can also opt for a few sprigs of holly or eucalyptus leaves. There are also message garlands to hang on the door to wish « Happy Holidays ».

The fireplace

The fireplace remains one of the elements that most recalls the spirit of Christmas. Indeed, a good fire is very friendly and warm, right in the atmosphere that reigns at the end of the year. And of course, that’s where Santa Claus comes down…

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If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in your living room, consider decorating it. You can hang two or three garlands in the shape of a star or a fir tree. It will make wonderful light shows after dark.

On the other hand, you can also decorate the mantle of the fireplace and even the hearth in case of condemned fireplace. Then create a festive atmosphere with decorative objects (figurines, candles, candle holders, nativity scenes, etc.) or with natural elements (fir branches, holly, etc.).

The window sills

Decorating his house for Christmas is bringing him joy. If you like to take care of your decor down to the smallest detail, don’t forget the window sills, especially those visible from the street.

Arrange accessories such as miniature fir trees, figurines representing Santa Claus, elves, angels, snowmen or in the shape of a reindeer. You will find many decorative Christmas items in decoration stores to inspire you.

furniture tops

There is no need to clutter up all your furniture in the house. Just choose a few, the most imposing and those that are positioned in strategic places. On a hallway cabinet or coffee table, place some Christmas decorations to brighten up the room.

Think of the natural elements to bring a warm and friendly note to your interior. These can be holly or fir branches, for example. On a sideboard or chest of drawers, put golden pendant lights or sparkling garlands.

And on your coffee table, arrange here and there a few accessories reminiscent of the end-of-year celebrations (candle, miniature tree, garland, etc.). For the friendly side, do not forget to leave a plate of cakes (shortbread, for example).

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door handles

If you love decorating your home for Christmas down to the smallest detail, you can hang decorations on doorknobs. This helps to create a festive atmosphere until D-Day.

Think of the colored balls and other accessories to hang (gingerbread man, reindeer, Santa Claus, Santa Claus boot…).

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Should we decorate the walls of the living room?

It may seem a bit too much, but depending on the theme chosen for your decor, it is quite possible to hang some accessories on the wall.

To decline your theme in the living room, choose representative elements. It can be a fir wreath near the sofa or a hunting trophy stuffed animal near the tree. Stay sober and prefer soft colors so that your living room continues to breathe.

And if you don’t want to damage your living room walls, opt for strong elements reminiscent of Christmas and inviting to cocooning (pine cones on the coffee table, imitation fur plaid on the sofa, etc.).

Decorate your home with the Advent calendar

Among the essential Christmas decorations, there is of course the Advent calendar, appreciated by adults and children alike.

It can be filled with chocolates, toys or other items. Whatever its format, the object allows you to start the countdown before the visit of Santa Claus. It is therefore necessary to find him a place of choice in his house. Especially since it is a decorative element. You will find them in fabric, wood, handmade…

Arrange your Advent calendar on the fireplace if you have one, or hang it on the living room wall.

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Decorate your house without breaking the bank: ideas to recycle

Throughout the year, you can keep jars, boxes and other containers to create a unique and personalized Christmas decoration. It’s called smart recycling. You save money and it’s also good for the environment.

Here are some ideas:

  • collect glass jars to place candles in. Perfect for making a pretty centerpiece;
  • insert fir branches or eucalyptus leaves into a transparent ball to create a unique Christmas ball;
  • turn wine glasses upside down and place a candle on the upturned stem. Under the glass, also place some natural elements;
  • slip a small fairy light under a glass bell to light up the center of a festive table;
  • use colored paper to make an original Christmas wreath;
  • take a log and make a candle holder out of it to put on the table;
  • hang accessories on a piece of wood to create a wall decoration;
  • use twine and pine cones to create a natural Christmas wreath;
  • finally, put Christmas balls in old lanterns to decorate your house (entrance, living room…).

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