Mutuals: the importance of comparing them

Complementing the reimbursement of health care costs from health insurance, the services of a mutual health insurance can prove to be very valuable. Still, it has to be chosen wisely. You will achieve this more easily by comparing offers, especially online. At the end of your research, certain health supplements, such as April, may hold your attention more.

Why subscribe to mutual insurance?

Subscribing to a mutual insurance company guarantees you a better reimbursement of your health costs. In fact, the health insurance only covers part of these expenses. In general, it reimburses approximately 70%, not of your actual health costs, but of the convention rate, which is the reimbursement basis used by the Health Insurance.

Everything that is not taken into account in this refund remains your responsibility. And some treatments are even worse reimbursed. This is particularly the case for dental care, optical care, hearing aids or certain excess fees.

Mutual health insurance can therefore supplement, in whole or in part, the reimbursement provided by Social Security, reducing your remaining costs accordingly.

Compare offers: benefits

You have therefore decided to take out a mutual health insurance contract. But which one? Indeed, the offers are very numerous and you risk being overwhelmed by their abundance. It is therefore advisable to take your time and compare the different formulas with each other.

Only this careful comparison of the offers will allow you to find the appropriate mutual. It must indeed meet your specific needs. Your age and state of health are elements to be taken into account.

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You wear glasses, your teeth require special care, you need a hearing aid. It is according to these specific needs that you will choose, after a comparative examination of the offers, the one which seems to you to respond best to your situation.

Similarly, some offers seem suitable for some of your needs, but also offer guarantees that, given your situation, seem unnecessary. Again, a careful comparison will make it easier for you to select the appropriate mutual.

This competition between complementary health insurance also makes it possible to identify those which offer more advantageous rates, for equivalent guarantees. This will be the best way for you to distinguish the mutuals that offer the best value for money. It is therefore up to you to choose, among them, the one that seems to best meet your expectations.

With ADP, compare your health insurance online

To compare the offers of mutual health, it is best to use the services of an online comparator. ADP Assurances offers you its own, designed to facilitate your search and bring you many advantages.

To use it, nothing could be simpler. All you have to do is specify who must be insured and give some information on the age, marital status or compulsory scheme from which the person(s) to be insured benefits.

These indications will allow the comparator to very quickly provide you with a summary table of the main offers on the market. This instrument therefore gives those who use it an overview of the proposals made by the different mutuals.

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From then on, the comparison between the various offers becomes much easier. Especially since the ADP comparator, on the basis of the information provided by the insured, selects the best offers to meet their specific expectations.

It is therefore the best way to quickly identify offers with the most suitable guarantees, at attractive prices. In addition, the comparator offered by ADP Assurances is a free service, which does not involve any commitment on your part.

April, one of the partners among other health supplements

If you are looking for complementary health insurance, you may be interested in April Assurance’s offers. Adapting to all expectations, they are aimed at seniors or younger people. Similarly, some offers are designed to meet the needs of professionals.

The formulas offered by April Assurance include different levels of guarantees. You can thus choose a formula ensuring the coverage of hospitalization costs or prefer a more complete package. In this case, and depending on the formula chosen, orthodontic treatment, dental costs not reimbursed by health insurance, hearing aids or spa treatments may be covered by your complementary insurance.

It is also possible to combine the different levels of guarantees offered by the various formulas.

You can, from the indications provided, find very quickly online the formula that suits you. A free estimate will reach you in a few moments, allowing you to make your decision in full knowledge of the facts.

With April, you benefit from attentive listening and support adapted to your specific needs. Covering all of your needs, your complementary health insurance also undertakes to send you your reimbursements within 24 hours.

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