How to find the best life insurance in 2022?

Today, the characteristics of life insurance contracts offered on the market can vary greatly from one company to another. Finding the best life insurance in 2022 is therefore a real challenge.

To meet it effectively, here is a little practical guide to finding the best offer, as well as our advice for making the right choice.

Compare offers to find the best life insurance in 2022

The great diversity of life insurance offers is a real asset for policyholders. But it is still necessary to be able to access the information concerning the contracts offered by the many insurers and to sort it out.

An online comparison for quick access to offers

The good news is that today you don’t have to go door-to-door or even scour the web for hours to get this information. It is enough to consult a comparison of life insurance 2022.

It is a large synthetic table made from data compiled on the market. It provides you, for each insurer, with the main characteristics of its life insurance offer.

Accessible free of charge and at any timeit is the ideal online tool for carrying out objective comparisons in order to find the best life insurance in 2022.

Criteria for making objective comparisons

To effectively compare the different life insurance offers with a view to finding the best one, the main criteria considered include:

  • The rates of return on euro funds : Those of recent years are provided to enable you to assess the potential performance of your future investment;
  • The costs : Entry, management, payments or arbitration fees have a significant impact on the profitability of your investment. They are therefore decisive;
  • Amount you have to pay down payment minimum required.
  • The payout restrictions : the fewer, the better!
  • The types of investment support available.
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Objective : find the best life insurance in 2022 FOR YOU!

Thanks to the various information provided in a comparative table and on the basis of the criteria mentioned above, you can undoubtedly have a more precise idea of ​​what is offered by the companies.

However, to make the best choice, it is important to start from your personal objectives and your specific expectations. One of the main advantages of life insurance is indeed its customizable nature.

Start by clearly defining whether your subscription aims to:

  • Prepare your retirement;
  • Do grow your money;
  • finance a project personnel in the future;
  • Build you a emergency savings;
  • forward a heritage to your heirsetc.

Then think about the level of risk you are willing to take. Are you willing to multiply investments in various assets for a high return, with the risks that entails? Do you prefer a solution that offers you a lower, but guaranteed return?

On these elements depend the Type of Contract (single-support, multi-support or life-generation) and the nature of the supports which you should prioritize. the account management mode (under mandate, free or controlled) proposed, as well as the parameters related to the taxation are also decisive for choosing the best life insurance in 2022 that can really meet your expectations.

Use a comparator to quickly find the best life insurance offer

If all this seems too technical or too laborious, do not waste time. Simply use the online comparator to quickly find the contract that best suits your needs.

To do this, simply fill out the form provided, specifying just the amount you want for your first payment, that of your regular payments, as well as your investor profile.

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Then start the search. It only takes a few seconds so that you have access to all the offers corresponding to your expectations. Compare them based on the above criteria and make your choice. Subscription can be done directly online or by telephone. If necessary, do not hesitate to seek the assistance of an advisor.

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