Astrological sign in July: Decans and dates

The month of July has 2 astrological signs: the Cancer and Leo.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth

Cancer of the second decan: July 2 – 12

Very deep feelings are typical for these second decan Cancers, with Scorpio exerting some of this influence. They are reserved and can be unapproachable, so much so that they seem almost devoid of emotion. With a partner, they are very possessive but incredibly generous and willing to sacrifice. They have great instincts and make wonderful psychologists, counselors or detectives.

Cancer of the third decan: July 13 – 22

The third decan of Cancer is perhaps the most sensitive decan of the zodiac. As sensitive to the needs of others as to their own feelings, they can be tireless helpers for their close environment. At the same time, the changeable mood that usually characterizes the natives of Cancer is even more pronounced here, and their feelings change faster than the clouds, without any rational explanation.

The third decan of Cancer is that of Pisces, which is ruled by the planet Neptune. These natives are the most receptive of all the decans. They can also be a bit moody at times. They have a knack for pulling people out of adversity and inspiring them to be self-reliant and optimistic.

First Decan Leo: July 23 – August 1

These people are naturally self-sufficient and have a kind of warm presence. On the other hand, they have a sensitive heart and ego, and are completely dependent on the approval of others.

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Confident and outgoing by nature, they are social people. Some may find them outspoken, but where’s the harm? The Leo First Decan is a lover of himself and an attention seeker due to his extroverted abilities. Despite all these qualities, they are by no means superficial people. They show immense patience and loyalty to the things and people that matter to them.

Date Astrological sign Decan
July, 1st Cancer 1st decan
July 2nd Cancer 2nd decan
July 3 Cancer 2nd decan
4th July Cancer 2nd decan
July the 5th Cancer 2nd decan
July 6 Cancer 2nd decan
July 7 Cancer 2nd decan
July 8 Cancer 2nd decan
July 9th Cancer 2nd decan
July 10 Cancer 2nd decan
11 July Cancer 2nd decan
July 12 Cancer 2nd decan
July 13 Cancer 3rd decan
July 14th Cancer 3rd decan
July 15th Cancer 3rd decan
July 16 Cancer 3rd decan
July 17 Cancer 3rd decan
July 18 Cancer 3rd decan
July 19 Cancer 3rd decan
July 20 Cancer 3rd decan
July 21 Cancer 3rd decan
22nd of July Cancer 3rd decan
July 23 Lion 1st decan
July 24 Lion 1st decan
July 25 Lion 1st decan
July 26 Lion 1st decan
July 27 Lion 1st decan
July 28 Lion 1st decan
July 29 Lion 1st decan
July 30 Lion
July 31 Lion

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