Which cryptocurrencies are worth your investment in 2019?

Since the inception of Bitcoin ten years ago, the success of crypto currencies has seen dizzying highs and catastrophic lows. Today, crypto-currencies may be part of the stock market landscape, but we still wonder whether the first launched (the famous Bitcoin created by the anonymous pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto) has kept its head start, or whether it is the newcomers who now dominate the market. We take stock of price action and predictions for the best cryptocurrencies to buy.

Major market players


After losing almost 75% of its value in 2018, it seems that Bitcoin is on the comeback. Indeed, the convalescent has recovered nearly 60% this year, which is slowly bringing it closer to its almost record value of $20,000, reached in November 2017. Some are already blaming investors and the famous speculative bubble that is just waiting a sign to break out, but others feel that Bitcoin, from the peak of its longest existence, may have finally achieved some stability. The key, according to financial analyst Everett Millman, is “to avoid too rapid growth which will inevitably lead to a painful readjustment”.


More characterized by technology than cryptographic currency, Ripple has the advantage of having its foundations in a block chain created for its applications. Favorite of financial and banking groups such as the National Bank of Saudi Arabia or the Euro Bank, XRP is considered to have a promising future. Like Bitcoin, the currency seems to have changed course since early May and will finally begin its comeback.


The second crypto-currency on the market is also in full comeback. After bottoming out in 2018, reaching a value of $80, the lowest since its inception in 2015, ETH is now expected to reach a value of around $2,000 by the end of the year. . Among the reasons that explain this return of the bubble, we cite the recent transition of Ethereum to remuneration by proof of stake (proof of stake), as opposed to the traditional proof of work, but also the large potential and the many emerging applications of Ethereum technologies, including smart contracts.

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While the latest addition to the market has encountered legal issues that have slowed its development, XTZ has finally overcome these barriers to confidently launch its own blockchain protocol, also based on proof of stake. Also in blockchain, the Tezos model however requires miners (here named Bakers) to advance a security deposit of 8000 tokens before being authorized to validate transactions. The system also remunerates the suggestions approved and implemented on the channel, thus promoting a participative model. All these novelties make Tezos the big favorite for investors who want to risk big to win big.

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream

Supported by several large business groups and major investors, crypto currencies have been discovered as useful, which today goes beyond simple financial transactions. There are many apps that allow users to spend their Bitcoins and other virtual currencies, and today you can recharge your electric car with Bitcoins or timestamp the supply chain using the blockchain. These developments integrate crypto currencies a little more into our daily lives every day, thus stabilizing the prices of these currencies. It is therefore quite possible to think that 2019 will mark the new beginning, and could therefore well be the time to invest in the currency of tomorrow.

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