How to arrange a small bedroom for two girls?

When there is not enough space in the house, the children are sometimes forced to live together in the same room. To keep the atmosphere calm, there are fortunately tips for maintaining privacy despite the proximity. And this, even if the room is small. Follow our tips for arranging a small bedroom for two girls, whether young children or teenagers.

1 small bedroom, 2 girls: the solutions to separate the room

The XXL curtain

Installing a large curtain in the middle of the bedroom to separate it in two is an effective solution. This avoids wasting valuable square meters and weighing down the room. Despite the proximity, two sisters can live together and keep a corner out of sight.

Easy to install, the XXL size curtain with metal cable does not require any holes. This separation is therefore ideal if you are the tenant of your accommodation and not the owner. In decoration stores, you will easily find trendy models (graphic patterns, for example).

The Japanese panels or the screen

Classic, the screen is effective in separating two sleeping areas. In addition, it is a more opaque solution than the curtain. And it also takes up less space than another indoor canopy type installation.

On the other hand, Japanese panels often allow modularity. This process is perfect in a small room where two girls live together. All you have to do is put a rail on the ceiling for the panels to work optimally.

And to bring a graphic note to the room, choose an openwork or patterned model.

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Practical bookcase type furniture

If there is a very simple and inexpensive technique to separate a small bedroom for two girls, it is this one. The idea is to invest in functional furniture. The furniture will act as a separator.

Opt for a practical piece such as a small chest of drawers, a shallow wardrobe, a wardrobe on wheels, a dressing room with cupboard, a bookcase, storage boxes…

And if the small bedroom lacks natural light, select an openwork piece of furniture instead to let the sun shine through.

The interior canopy

To arrange a small bedroom for two girls in a trendy spirit, also think about the interior canopy. Depending on the model, installation may require work. But the result will be optimal.

The big advantage of the canopy is to let the light through. Thus, the two girls will be able to continue to have an eye on each other while having their own secret garden.

Symbolic Separations

If the agreement is good between the two girls, you can completely arrange a small room by being satisfied with a visual separation. Thus, you can resort to green plants. Select plants with evergreen and abundant foliage, and easy to maintain. Arrange them in pretty pots (macrame, for example) and hang them boldly. If both children enjoy DIY, consider the aged wooden branch that is used to attach a series of green plants.

Then, to arrange a small bedroom for two young girls, the canopy is a good solution. There are original and poetic models to keep out of sight. And for more privacy, it is possible to frame the canopy with curtains. This will also add character to the room.

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Finally, the visual separation has a strong symbolic significance. She avoids work in a small room. The challenge then consists of adopting two strong colors (eg pink and mustard yellow) in the room to delimit spaces. Each of the sisters will opt for the shade of their choice, taking care, however, that the two shades agree with each other. Still, children will appreciate being able to personalize their own universe.

Which bedding to choose for a small bedroom for two girls?

The choice of bed is crucial for arranging a small bedroom for two girls, whether they are children or teenagers. The challenge is to create two distinct spaces using modular beds. This makes it possible to separate a room without having to drill holes in the wall.

Here are some ideas for arranging a small bedroom:

  • the loft bed or the bunk bed makes it possible to delimit two sleeping areas. One of the two girls occupies the top bed while the other invests the empty space below. Be aware that there are retractable (or retractable) bunk beds to save space in the bedroom;
  • the bed on a platform. This landscaping technique is very trendy. And it’s perfect for two teenage girls. Thanks to the differences in level, the bedroom seems to have two sleeping areas;
  • if the agreement is good between the two girls, why not favor sharing with beds head to toe. And to create a distinction, dress the bedding with radically different bed sets;
  • the cabin bed, on the other hand, is a fun solution particularly appreciated by young children;
  • finally, if the occupation of the premises by a second person is only temporary, plan an extra installation. For young children, turn to the indoor hammock, for example. It is also an ideal bedding for making friends sleep unexpectedly.
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Advice : if you have no choice but to put the two beds together for lack of space, use a few tips. The headboard, if it is imposing, can be used as a separation, for example. And so that each child can arrange their small personal belongings (lamp, books, stuffed animals, etc.), attach two shelves that run along the wall, above the bed.

How to create a play space in a small bedroom for two girls?

Even if the room is relatively small, it is important for young children to have a space to play. To achieve this, it is necessary to review the arrangement of the furniture so that the girls can play on the floor.

The idea to gain the maximum play space in the center of the room is to push the furniture towards the walls. For example, in a small bedroom for young children, the extendable bed can find its place against a wall. The wardrobe and the changing table will be installed opposite the bedding. And the little sister’s cot will be placed against the wall at the entrance to the bedroom.

In this kind of arrangement, however, it is imperative to limit the number of pieces of furniture as much as possible. If the sisters are still small and need a changing table, consider installations that attach to the wall and fold down.

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