Why should you compare auto insurance?

You have just bought a new car and you want to take advantage of this change of vehicle to review your car insurance. In this case, the best solution is to use an online comparison, which will allow you to find, under the best conditions, the offer that best meets your expectations.

Assess your needs first

Before looking for an auto insurance offer that suits you, you must start by taking stock of your needs. If your vehicle is old, third-party insurance, which only covers damage caused to another person in the event of an accident, may seem sufficient to you.

If, on the other hand, you want to be covered in most situations and protect your vehicle against theft, fire or vandalism, you will opt for all-risk insurance instead.

Your car insurance needs also depend on your driver profile. If you have just obtained your driving license, you will be more interested in insurance that offers specific formulas for young drivers.

Similarly, a motorist who has suffered a penalty or who has had his insurance terminated will first look for a formula that will continue to cover him, despite everything. Finally, you must not forget to establish the budget that you intend to devote to your auto insurance.

The best value for money

One of the great advantages of an online car insurance comparator, such as lecomparateurassurance, is that it offers you a overview of offers car insurance.

In a few clicks, you have access to a summary table of the formulas offered by the main insurers. And it will correspond as closely as possible to your own expectations. Indeed, you will first have to fill in a very simple form, which will provide the indications allowing to identify your needs and to establish a personalized estimate.

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You thus give, by means of this form, succinct information allowing you to specify your driver profile, your address and the insurance formula you prefer. You will also have to provide information on the vehicle to be insured, by providing you with its gray card. Answering these few questions will only take you a few moments.

It is on the basis of these indications that the comparator can, thanks to its search filters, offer you a global table showing you all the offers that meet your own expectations. The insurers located near you are highlighted, so as to save you unnecessary travel.

At a glance, you can embrace all the offers that meet your expectations and offer you the best value for money. And you are quick to spot the offer that seems made just for you.

By doing so, you can savecompared to your current contract, almost half the price of your car insurance. This advantage is all the more significant as this online comparison is free and some comparators even give you a welcome offer.

Time saving

By using an online comparator, you not only save money, you also save time.

It only takes a few minutes to complete your form. This done, access to the comparative table is even faster. A few clicks are enough.

Have you considered what you should do if you don’t have an online comparator? You would need to contact each insurer. So many phone calls in perspective or tedious procedures! Each professional will then detail an often dense and complex offer. When you have visited a dozen agencies in this way, you may find it difficult to summarize their proposals!

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To avoid them, you could also negotiate with your insurer, trying to obtain more advantageous conditions from him. But this approach would not allow you to compete, which is always the best way to obtain, for at least equivalent guarantees, more attractive rates.

By using the services of an online comparator, you avoid all these inconveniences. You obtain, in record time, personalized information and you find the offer offering you the best quality/price ratio. And, as a bonus, you save time and unnecessary fatigue.

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