Guardian Angels

The mission of the guardian angels

The mission of your angels is to take care of you so that your mission in this life is accomplished. This mission, whatever it is, is sacred. This is your purpose in life on earth. Your angels ensure that your steps guide you towards the accomplishment of this mission.

Indeed, the life mission of a human being involves setbacks and difficulties. It is part of the soul growth process and they are necessary to strengthen and nurture you. It is possible that in your journey towards accomplishing your mission, you will start to feel bad and be plagued by disappointment, disenchantment and frustration. When you need a nudge in the right direction, your guardian angel gives it to you.

You may encounter a situation over and over again until you understand and master it. Or maybe you will find too many obstacles on this path. It is your guardian angel who points you in the right direction.

Our guardian angels are there for us all the time, sometimes we don’t take the time to pause to hear them or feel them and understand that they are waiting for us to ask for help. Each guardian angel is like a nurturing mother, an archetypal mother – the “perfect” mother. And just like the best of mothers, a guardian angel’s love is unconditional.

Guardian angels can provide comfort, offer guidance, and bring people and opportunities into your life. Angels are very emotional creatures, which makes sense because their job is to show great mercy and compassion to humanity. When you suffer, your guardian angels also suffer. Yet even though the angels feel emotions so intensely, they will often take on some of our suffering so that we don’t have to feel it all alone.

Guardian angels have been with you since before you were born, when you were a floating soul in the sky. Therefore, they know you extremely well, because they know the « real » you, not just the culture and the physical body that you are currently evolving with. If the concept of past lives resonates with you, it is possible that your guardian angels have also been with you.

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Guardian angels are very close to Spirit, so they have access to all the destinations, experiences, and relationships that Spirit has planned for you on earth. The guardian angels also know why you came to earth to learn and teach.

The angelic hierarchy

The First Hierarchy: Heavenly Counselors

  • seraphim: constituting the first heart of the first hierarchy, they are in direct connection with the Almighty, without intermediary, and surround the throne of God manifesting his glory.
  • Cherubim: They are the guardians of the light and the stars and communicate the messages of God
  • thrones: they accompany those who need support and help men to move forward while keeping the faith

The Second Hierarchy: The Heavenly Governors

  • dominions: They manifest the sovereignty of God and govern the activities of all lower angelic groups. Their mission is to integrate the spiritual world with the material.
  • Virtues: they manifest the will of God and are able to project great levels of divine energy on human beings.
  • Powers: They manifest the power of God and carry the conscience of humanity.

The Third Hierarchy: Heavenly Messengers

  • Principalities: It is the angels who manifest the dominion of God over nature. They watch over men and inspire divine love
  • Archangels: They represent the direction of God. Some command the planetary spirits, while others are responsible for the animal kingdom or perform tasks in the service of humanity.
  • angels: They are the accompanying angels and the closest to humanity because their mission is to take care of human affairs by manifesting the protection of God.

How to know your guardian angel?

There are 72 guardian angels, or a guardian angel every five days depending on the month and day of your birth. The angelic calendar begins with guardian angel Vehuiah on March 21 and ends with angel Mumiah on March 20.

To find out who your guardian angel is, you have to base yourself on the date of birth.

01 to 05 January: Nemamiah
06 to 10 January: Yeialel
January 11 to 15: Harahel
January 16 to 20: Mitzrael
January 21 to 25: Umabel
January 26 to 30: Iah-hel
January 31 to February 04: Anauel

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05 to 09 February: Mehiel
February 10 to 14: Damabiah
February 15 to 19: Manakel
February 20 to 24: Eyael
February 25 to 29: Habuhiah

01 to 05 March: Rochel
March 6 to 10: Jabamiah
March 11 to 15: Haiaiel
March 16 to 20: Mumiah
March 21 to 25: Vehuiah
March 26 to 30: Jeliel
March 31 to April 4: Sitael

April 05 to 09: Elemiah
April 10 to 14: Mahasiah
April 15 to 20: Lelahel
April 21 to 25: Achaiah
April 26 to 30: Cahetel

01 to 05 May: Haziel
May 06 to 10: Aladiah
May 11 to 15: Lauvuel
May 16 to 20: Hahaiah
May 21 to 25: Yezalel
May 26 to 31: Mebahel

June 01 to 05: Hariel
June 06 to 10: Hekamiah
June 11 to 15: Lauviah
June 16 to 21: Caliel
June 22 to 26: Leuviah
June 27 to July 01: Pahaliah

02 to 06 July: Nelkhael
July 07 to 11: Yeiayel
July 12 to 16: Melahel
July 17 to 22: Haheuiah
July 23 to 27: Nith-haiah
July 28 to August 01: Haaiah

August 02 to 06: Yerathel
August 07 to 12: Seheiah
August 13 to 17: Reiyel
August 18 to 22: Omael
August 23 to 28: Lecabel
August 29 to September 02: Vasariah

September 3 to 7: Yehuiah
September 08 to 12: Lehahiah
September 13 to 17: chavakhiah
September 18 to 23: Menadel
September 24 to 28: Aniel
September 29 to October 03: Haamiah

04 to 08 October: Rehael
October 09 to 13: Yeiazel
October 14 to 18: Hahahel
October 19 to 23: Mikael
October 24 to 28: Veuliah
October 29 to November 02: Yelahiah

November 3 to 7: Sehaliah
November 08 to 12: Ariel
November 13 to 17: Asaliah
November 18 to 22: Mihael
November 23 to 27: Vehuel
November 28 to December 02: Daniel

December 03 to 07: Hahasiah
December 08 to 12: Imamiah
December 13 to 16: Nanael
December 17 to 21: Nithael
December 22 to 26: Mebahiah
December 27 to 31: Poyel

Communicate with guardian angels

Angels manifest in different ways and with personal appearances according to each individual and usually communicate with people in their dreams or through the mirror hours. There are people who can feel the physical presence of an angel and some even see a fleeting light or winged figure, perceive a pleasant fragrance or aroma for no apparent reason.

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For those who wonder if it is possible to communicate with angels on Earth, the answer is that angels are here and now and it is always possible to speak to them through silent meditation or through oracles or games of cards,. A basic condition is that it is essential to believe in their existence and help, otherwise they will not be able to manifest themselves.

The angels, especially the guardian angels, are always whispering, looking for ways to make your earthly journey more interesting, dynamic and satisfying. So even people who never pray or ask angels for help constantly benefit from angelic intervention. Guardian angels, invited or not, will certainly show up for these pivotal moments in your life.

Humans are powerful spiritual beings and therefore have been given free will so that they can make many decisions regarding their earthly lives. One of the most important decisions we can make is to interact more with our guardian angels. It’s as simple as addressing them briefly and informally in your thoughts, prayers, or writings.

When you ask the guardian angels to step in and help you with something specific, it gives them more leeway to help you. Angels will almost always honor your free will choices – unless they know that choice will be very detrimental to you or others, or will be a major detour away from your highest good.

So use this powerful free will to help you: ask your guardian angels for guidance and support. Tell the guardian angels exactly what you want help with: love, finances, health, career. Listen to their messages!

To receive the messages of your guardian angels, do not hesitate to contact our visionaries who will serve as an intermediary.

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