Is the real estate market in Bordeaux advantageous for investing?

Investing in stone is by far the safest way to guarantee a better future. The city of Bordeaux is characterized by its great dynamism in terms of the real estate market. The two previous years have also marked the glorious eras of the city in the field of the sale of real estate. Why is Bordeaux a good investment for the real estate market? The answers in this article.

Bordeaux areas eligible for the Pinel law

The Pinel law encourages the construction of housing in areas with high rental demand, including that of Bordeaux. Indeed, the Pinel law offers a tax reduction in high population areas. This Pinel rental investment incentive offers various advantages. This allows middle-income households in particular to have access to new rental housing.

The Bordeaux territory is categorized into three large areas depending on eligibility for the Pinel law:

  • the Pinel B1 areawhere the city of Bordeaux and its immediate surroundings are located (no more than 30 km from the city center), is eligible for the Pinel scheme until 2021.
  • beyond 30 to 50 km, the far outskirts of Bordeaux are categorized in the Pinel B2 area. It still benefits from the devices, but only on derogation from the prefect of New Aquitaine.
  • the Pinel C area is located more than 50 km from the city center. It cannot benefit from the system, except for acquisitions dating from 2017.
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By this law, investment in the Bordeaux region is more than favorable. Some local real estate agencies, such as Periance Transaction, even go so far as to standardize their offer on fees by offering a single price of €3,490 including tax, regardless of the size of your property.

Areas Bordeaux Pinel Law

Invest in new real estate in Bordeaux

Large cities like Bordeaux are attracting more and more real estate investors. Being renowned for being both socially, culturally and technologically dynamic, Bordeaux finds itself in third place in the ranking of the most expensive cities in France. It is overtaken by Paris and Lyon. The price per m² is around €4,702. Sometimes it goes up to 7000 €.

Although the years 2017 and 2018 were very successful in terms of real estate transactions, the pace has slowed down in favor of sellers, since the previous year. 2020 promises to be favorable for the real estate market which is intended to be more stable, with the possibility of attractive prices. It is possible that the available offers are no longer snapped up as quickly.

Thus, buyers can take the time to ask themselves and measure the strengths and weaknesses of a property before putting the price on it. Be aware, however, that therental investment in Bordeaux city center is more than conducive at all levels.

The most coveted districts of Bordeaux

The year 2019 dampened the euphoria of real estate transactions in one day. These glorious years were the spectacle of the significant rise in the price of Bordeaux real estate market. Customers flocked to the offers available. Today, there is more slowness and less proactivity on the part of buyers. The reason ? They are afraid of being ripped off on the price of the property.

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It is for this reason that the staggering price of the Bordeaux market has stabilized since the previous year. Real estate agencies are the first to appreciate this slowdown. Even though buyers linger over decisions, the real estate market price does not rise or fall. Indeed, we have seen a timid rise in the market for +0.2%.

You should know that the market price depends on the most popular areas. The surge in prices can be seen, for example, on the side of Triangles d’Or, Chartrons and Saint-Pierre. The m² sold for more than twice the price of the national average, which is €3,367/m². On the other hand, on the side of Saint-Michel, Bacalan, Saint-Paul or Nansouty, the price per m² is experiencing a moderate increase. And yet, rental demand in these neighborhoods is piling up.

Why invest in the metropolis of Bordeaux?

Young professionals and students are in the majority when it comes to renting real estate. This young character explains the dynamism of the city. In addition, the city of Bordeaux is characterized by a very active nightlife and cultural life. Theatres, cinemas, performance halls, bars and restaurants make the city vibrate at all times.

Bordeaux is considered to be one of the most conducive to professional activities, ranking it among the « Great places to work ». This attractive life attracts more and more active people. With the sun often shining, the quality of life makes residents become attached to the city.

Bordeaux metropolis

The advantages of the outskirts of Bordeaux

The price per m² in the Bordeaux city center has caused neighboring towns to proliferate even more. Middle-income residents look to the outskirts for homes or apartments for rent at a reasonable price around Bordeaux. From a few kilometers from the city center, opportunities have been created.

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The lengthening of the tramway in outlying towns such as Mérignac, Bouscat and Bassens widens the Bordeaux area beyond its borders. the development of the public transport network as well as the creation of future jobs linked to the aeronautical activity and the air park make many people flock to these places. This is why this year marks the rise of rental requests in these neighboring towns.

Real estate investors can start considering the available offers by appealing to the local real estate agencies. These professionals can advise you on where to invest, the type of property sought on the premises and the strategy to adopt in new rental investment. The real estate agency will also advise you on the limit of places where to invest to remain eligible for the Pinel law.

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