The dangers that await you in your own home

In your home, you feel safe. We have the impression that nothing can happen to us, because we are in our little nest. But the reality is quite different! The house is a real source of danger for the whole family. The causes of domestic accidents are very diverse and you have to be attentive to prevent the danger. Here is some information on the most common risks.

What are the hazards that can be found in a house?

We do not necessarily see them, but they are there in your daily life. The house is full of potential dangers such as:

The fire risk

Fire can start from many sources in a home and spread to all rooms in moments. Fires are one of the main dangers in a house, a fatal risk linked to flames, but especially to smoke, fumes and damage to the building. One can lose everything in the fire of his home: family, pets, possessions, sentimental and financial losses… all will be linked to a powerful trauma. The fire in his home indeed causes deep fear and damage that can be very serious.

The causes of a fire are multiple, linked to an electrical, chemical or accidental source:

  • The kitchen: forget a dish in the lit oven or leave a frying pan on the stove unattended. The rise in temperature leads to combustion of nearby elements.
  • The devices of heater : too close to a textile or a flammable product, it is a frequent cause of fire. It is also possible that the fire starts directly from a spark caused by a poor quality or defective electric or oil-fired heater.
  • The use of candles: to create a pleasant atmosphere, we light a candle… that we forget. A fabric touches the flame and it is the fire.
  • The consumption of cigarettes : an ember falls on a fabric, a wooden table, and the fire breaks out.
  • Electrical accident: if your electrical system is not up to standard or if you use electrical appliances that are too old or of poor quality, you increase the risk of an electrical fire starting.
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house fire danger

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is insidious. This gas has no odor and is colorless, but it is deadly. It results from incomplete combustion of any material, so it can be generated by the combustion of a log in the fireplace, oil from heating as well as natural gas used for cooking. All fuels can produce carbon monoxide fumes.

Poisoning is very common and can be fatal. To deal with it, it is essential to find out about the real estate diagnoses which are mandatory for renting or selling your property. They remain the best insurance to verify that the rental accommodation or the sale of real estate takes place within the standards and does not present any risk of carbon monoxide leakage, for example. The guarantee of a boiler room revised and up to standard for a condominium building will, for example, be essential for renting an apartment without risk.

These diagnostics consist of an in-depth expertise of a good and its equipment to ensure an optimal guarantee. The real estate diagnosis highlights the faults of a dwelling and allows work to be carried out to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

chemical poisoning

We are not wary enough of the products we use regularly. This is especially a problem when children have access to cleaning products, bleach, but also medication. It is imperative put these products in a locked cupboard or inaccessible to children.


There are many causes of burns. You can burn yourself with water that is too hot if the thermostat is incorrectly set. But it is also possible to feel a chemical burn by using products that are too aggressive. Also think of candles, lighters, but also cooking plates. Also keep objects and curtains away from heating systems.

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It is a household hazard that mainly affects small children. It is important to put out of reach any small items and food that can get stuck in the child’s throat or nose. They are also protected from plastic bags, scarves, belts or cords.

The fall

Everyone is affected by the risk of falling. The elderly, active adults and children are all susceptible to falls in the home. Must therefore identify dangerous areas such as the bathtub, the kitchen or even the stairs. Remember to protect them with security barriers. You also have to be careful with babies on the changing table or chair.


Drowning is one of the most common causes of domestic death in children. We don’t let never a toddler alone in his bath. He can drown very quickly, even in a very small amount of water. Similarly, we will be attentive to the protection of a swimming pool with fall detector alarms and barriers. It is also important for bodies of water or rivers that may be near your home.

house fire danger

Prevent and raise awareness

It is as important to prevent risks as to make all members of the family aware of the dangers in the home. Prevention should not be seen as a prohibition: it is important to understand that it is a way of protecting, and not the deprivation of something you want. Children imitate parents: adults must imperatively set a good example.

They must also communicate clearly around the risks and the things put in place to reduce household hazards. It is important to make young children aware of the potential risks. Messages should be regularly repeated so that it becomes routine for the growing child. The young child is not aware of the dangers and consequences, so he must be taught to become responsible little by little. You also have to teach him very early on how to do emergency things, like dialing the emergency number. Even a small child can save a life when he knows what to do! Some parents have even been saved by their child, who had the reflex to call for help and indicate that he needed help!

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