The Kéroual mansion in Brest

Formerly owned by the Penancoët, Counts of Kerouazle, the Kéroual manor now owned by the City of Brest has not finished surprising with its atmospheres experienced over the centuries.

A little throwback to the various lives lived for more than 400 years now…

A revival acquired through artistic practice

Acquired by the City of Brest in 2002 in a logic of cultural practices, the manor of Keroual is nevertheless located in the municipality of Guilers. Less than ten kilometers from the prefecture of Finistère, this seventeenth-century building was originally the property of the Penancoët, in other words the counts of Kerouazle. The current vocation of the manor of Kéroual would not necessarily have more to its initial owners. When it’s not the biggest techno festival in France, Astropolis, which takes place twice a year, the place welcomes artists in residence throughout the year. Not necessarily linked to the world of techno, culture in the broad sense lives in the granite walls where choreographers and directors of national and international renown draw inspiration from it while refining their show.

A rave place for Astropolis

The Astropolis electronic music festival is the equivalent of Les Vieilles Charrues in Carhaix Plougher. Obviously less public than a generalist event, this techno meeting draws fans from all over France, and even from elsewhere. You have to have been in Brest around July 14 to understand the effervescence in the early morning after the night birds danced to the devastating tempos of Manu le Malin and others. Where ? At the Kéroual manor… but also all around. Everyone agrees to find that the lunar decoration and the play of lights in the surrounding wood magnifies the place. Sublimate this historical heritage born of a rough stone through a luminous dress that blends with nature: the bet is renewed every summer. Astropolis has this ability to mix eras to make one for one night. There are no timetables for living the Kéroual manor, there are times.

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A wood with local and exotic essences

Anyone who loves wildlife will love the park that surrounds Kéroual Manor. Spread over 56 hectares, one can even speak of a richly furnished wood in which nest several species of exotic species that have been imported by the hand of man. The Bretons have thus planted romantic Virginia tulip trees, a cryptomeria or even the Insignis pine and the maple. With regard to oak, chestnut, birch, aspen, locust or redwood, we can speak of endemic species that will delight your amazed eyes from spring to early autumn. An old mill houses a creperie there, and the myriad of ponds, rivers and bodies of water delight fishermen.

Good plan : hidden eggs at Easter for a good cause

It has become a tradition for several years thanks to the work behind the scenes of the Secours populaire du Finistère volunteers: Easter Sunday attracts thousands of families to the foot of the Kéroual manor. The « Solidarity in the world » campaign revolves around a gourmet concept. The chocolate hunt requires a donation of three euros which issues a permit; this opens the right to two eggs. Hunters in shorts only have to present their empty basket to pass the security checks provided at the gates of the mansion. In 2018, the hunt was high as 10,000 numbered chocolates were collected.

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