How long does it take to open an account at the Banque Postale?

Are you planning to open a bank account at Banque Postale? But you wonder how long it takes? We detail everything in our article.

For this, there are two possibilities, at the post office or remotely via the Internet. Discover the procedures to follow in each case to open an account at the Postal Bank. Also follow our advice to prepare for your appointment with a bank adviser: formalities for making an appointment, list of supporting documents to provide… We also inform you about the time it takes to open an account at the Postal Bank that you have done online or in-branch procedures. Everything you need to know about the activation times for your account at the Banque Postale!

How to open a bank account at the Banque Postale?

Procedures for opening a bank account at a post office

The first possibility is to go directly to the post office. A bank adviser will open your account as soon as you have provided the supporting documents.

In some post offices, there is no need to make an appointment in advance. On the other hand, in others, it is necessary to agree on a day and a time before opening the account.

Note that you can make an appointment online, by filling out the form on the establishment’s website:

Procedure for opening an online account

You can open a bank account online, from the establishment’s website. The approach includes the opening of an Account Form. This allows you to benefit from a Visa Classic or Visa Premier payment card.

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To do this, complete the following formalities:

  • determine the products and services you wish to benefit from;
  • complete the online form. It will only take you a few minutes;
  • then, print the request and sign it;
  • finally, send your complete file by mail. And this, for free.
  • your account is now open and you will receive your bank card within a few days.

To know : to open an account outside the Account Formula, you must go to a post office or call 0 969 39 00 01 (non-surcharged call) to make an appointment with a Banque Postale banking adviser.

The conditions to be met to open an account on the Internet

To be able to complete the procedures for opening an account online, you must meet certain conditions:

  • be a natural person, adult and capable;
  • be domiciled in France for tax purposes;
  • be able to present supporting documents attesting to your identity, domicile and income;
  • already have a bank account and a checkbook in a French institution;
  • not be of American nationality.

The supporting documents to be provided in both cases

Whether you decide to open a bank account on site or remotely, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • a valid identity document (identity card or passport);
  • proof of residence (electricity or gas bill less than six months old, landline or Internet bill less than three months old or rent receipt issued by an official rental agency);
  • the last proof of income (last payslip of less than two months, certificate from the employer or employment contract specifying the remuneration of less than two months or last tax notice).
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It should be noted that other supporting documents may be requested in the event of:

  • moving house ;
  • free accommodation;
  • accommodation in schools or for people without a stable or fixed home;
  • stateless refugees;
  • asylum seekers.

How long does it take to open an account at the Banque Postale?

The deadline for opening an account at the Banque Postale depends on whether you have completed the procedure on site or online.

When opening a bank account at a post office, the institution signs a written agreement with its customer. This paper contract then unlocks a number of services.

You can thus have a bank account statement and you can make or receive a transfer. But the official activation of the account takes place when a deposit of money is made to the account.

On the other hand, when opening a La Banque Postale account on the Internet, via the online form, the delays are longer. Indeed, the signature of the contract requires a postal dispatch, which extends the period of a few days. The wait may be longer or shorter, depending on the time needed to verify the supporting documents.

Finally, you will receive your credit card within ten days. You will need to activate it by making a purchase or withdrawing cash from an ATM.

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