Carrefour C-ZAM account: the complete guide

Today, faced with the democratization of neobanks, new banking services are offered to users. Discover C-zam, the bank account offered by Carrefour stores. What is it about ? And what are its advantages? We tell you everything about this banking offer which differs from those offered by traditional organizations. Open to everyone, including bank accounts, C-zam represents an easy and quick solution to have an account and a RIB. Focus on the C-zam box available in store.

CZAM: What is that ?

C-zam is a banking offer offered by Carrefour Banque et Assurance since spring 2017. For everyone, regardless of income, it is marketed in the form of a box. The offer is available in self-service in more than 3,000 Carrefour stores.

The box contains a MasterCard C-zam international credit card, which is linked to a current account without overdraft authorization.

How to open a C-ZAM account?

The conditions to be fulfilled

To open a C-zam account, certain conditions must be met:

  • be of age and legally capable;
  • reside in France for tax purposes;
  • have a valid email address;
  • not already have a C-zam account;
  • want to use their account for strictly personal use.

To note : open to a large public, the C-zam account is accessible without income or savings conditions, and without a minimum deposit amount. It is also aimed at people on file who are prohibited from banking.

The steps to follow

Signing up for a C-Zam account is quick and easy. Just follow these two steps:

  • buy a C-zam box in one of the 3,000 Carrefour stores or on the Rue du Commerce website. Its value is 5 euros;
  • activate the account by logging into or by downloading the C-Zam mobile application. Then follow the instructions and provide the supporting documents. After confirming your request, you will instantly receive the secret code of your bank card and a bank details. Your account is open!
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To know : at the beginning, transactions (withdrawals and transfers) will be capped at 500 euros. Within a maximum of 15 days, you will receive a confirmation code which will be used to unblock this limitation.

Supporting documents to be provided

To open a Czam account, you will need to provide:

  • a valid identity document (identity card, passport, residence permit);
  • another supporting document such as a telephone bill, a driving license or the last tax notice.

What services are included in the Czam offer?

By subscribing to the Czam offer from Carrefour, you benefit from a number of essential day-to-day banking services. Among them :

  • a RIB allowing you to receive or issue transfers. You can also direct bank direct debits. Thus, the C-zam offer from Carrefour is suitable for individuals as well as for the self-employed or liberal professions;
  • the MasterCard bank card with immediate debit. This systematic authorization card is used in French and foreign cash dispensers. The blue card also includes travel and death insurance guarantees. Finally, it also allows contactless payment. Note: the credit card payment limit is 3,000 euros over 30 rolling days and the withdrawal limit is 500 euros over 7 rolling days;
  • a mobile app. The C-Zam app facilitates real-time account management from any laptop with an Internet connection;
  • supplying the account balance by bank transfer or credit card;
  • unlimited SEPA transfers and direct debits;
  • commission-free currency payments.

What are the prices ?

Note that the offer is available for a purchase of 5 euros. This is the price of the box. And the maintenance of the account is invoiced at 1 euro per month.

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Payments by MasterCard card are offered even outside the euro zone. As for cash withdrawals, they are free from Carrefour Banque and BNP Paribas distributors in France. On the other hand, outside of France and these distributors, allow 1 euro for each transaction.


The main advantages of the C-zam offer are:

  • it turns out to be much less expensive than the other offers offered by traditional banking establishments;
  • accessible to the greatest number, it does not require any condition of resources or savings. A wide profile of customers can therefore take advantage of the offer and have a bank account with RIB and credit card. This can be an interesting solution for bank bans;
  • the C-zam account can be associated with your Carrefour loyalty card if you have one. This allows the consultation of its loyalty points via the C-zam application;
  • the Czam contract is also attached to the C-Zam W’in program. The user thus benefits from privileges with Carrefour partners (discounts, refunds, etc.).

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