6 questions to ask yourself after a clairvoyance consultation

Have you consulted a clairvoyant? Here are 6 questions to ask yourself after the consultation.

1. What is the outcome of the clairvoyance consultation?

It may sound a little silly, but after all the excitement of asking yourself questions, it can be hard to remember all the answers. That’s why, after soaking up the clairvoyance consultation, we advise you to keep track of everything you remember. For this, you can put your question in writing, with the salient points just below. Repeat this for each question so you can track predictions.

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2. After the clairvoyance consultation, what resonates with you?

During a good clairvoyance consultation over the phone, there is a good chance that specific things will resonate with you. On reflection, notice if something seems to speak to you above all else. It can be a subject, a phrase, an answer, something from your past or present, or a feeling. Take note of these lingering feelings or thoughts as they are sure to matter in the future.

3. What is more clear now than before the clairvoyance consultation?

Did you have any highlights during the consultation? Now that you’ve hung up your phone, does your situation seem clearer to you? Use this clarity to think about your past, present, and future more objectively. Have you had a validation in an area in which you have been struggling for some time? Did something become obvious to you?

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4. Did you make any important decisions?

A clear mind can often lead to making informed choices, so… did you make any decisions during your consultation? Maybe your path suddenly becomes more obvious to you. Or maybe you finally know what to say to someone you’re having trouble with. Take note of any decisive feelings and then take positive action! It’s too easy to slip back into the daily routine before making changes. Take advantage of your confidence after the consultation and follow through with everything you have decided to do.

If you’re having trouble unraveling your feelings or coming to specific conclusions, you may need to ground yourself. After a clairvoyance consultation, the energies are high. Take a moment to relax and take stock.

5. Did your consultation have a general “theme”?

Some consultations are centralized around a subject. It can be your difficulties to express your feelings for example. Or maybe you are not allowing yourself to develop your full potential?

If you have some questions to ask your clairvoyant and all the answers seem to centralize around a general theme, take note. Even after your consultation, you will probably start seeing this topic in other aspects of your life. Now that you’ve shed light on what’s been pointed out to you, take action to make bad habits a thing of the past!

6. Did you draw any conclusions after your clairvoyance consultation?

After your clairvoyance, it should be easier to make informed choices in the areas of your life that concern you. Perhaps you have concluded that you need to take a step back and let things be? Conversely, one path may seem more obvious to you than another. If you are not in the right direction, you can change it!

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What if you had a bad consultation?

If nothing resonated with you and you didn’t get any light, don’t worry, sometimes the connection with your LED is not optimal, or you are too stressed. Rest assured that an inconclusive consultation does not mean that the Universe has nothing to say to you.

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