Getting to know yourself better through astrology

What is astrology?

Astrology is a symbolic language that offers an energetic look of self-knowledge from the study of the twelve signs, the movement of the planets and their manifestation by each human consciousness. Astrology is above all a tool, a precious resource that allows us to know the energies of the zodiac and understand how they configure us as individuals. In a very general way, astrology makes it possible to know the weather forecast of the stars and planets. When it rains you might not want to do it, but you know it’s best to go out with an umbrella. With astrology, the same thing happens: consulting an astrologer like Diane Boccador allows you to know your personal astrological weather forecast.

Astrology: a great tool for self-knowledge

The origin of astrology goes back thousands of years, since we know that it was used by the Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, Persian, Greek, Chinese and Indian civilizations. At that time, astrology had a predictive character, that is, it was used to predict the future. It was from the twentieth century that interest in the psychological view of astrology began, focused on understanding the inner world of human beings, thanks to the radical change that took place in the field of psychology with the boom in the work of personalities like Freud and Jung.

Astrology is a tool of self-knowledge with which you can make your way towards self-research and personal development. Astrology is about knowing yourself, knowing what goals and life lessons you came to work for, what talents you have, what your purpose and mission is, what patterns of behavior are repeated in your life, how to act to make the most of all the opportunities that have been offered to you and what you have at your fingertips to live, grow and evolve in your life with more awareness.

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What can astrology shed light on?

The practical use of astrology and the knowledge of your birth chart are limitless. Thanks to this tool, you can immerse yourself in every aspect of your life, be it your relationships, your job, your behavior, your beliefs, the internal contradictions that you have never been able to understand about yourself. ,… Astrology allows you to study the link with your parents and your family of origin, the relationship with your children. It also identifies your social and professional projection, how your childhood was, what your inner refuge looks like. Astrology also helps to shed light on what gives you emotional security, your inner child’s wounds and how to heal them, how you like your relationships and what do you attract to your life in this regard, etc. .

Astrology not only focuses on the personality, but also covers everything that happens in our life: experiences, qualities, character, flaws, virtues and talents, among others. In this way, through the birth chart, you have the opportunity to understand certain characteristics of your personality, the variations in your character and the ups and downs that you may go through. In addition, you will know what your strengths are and you can use them to move towards success.

The most common use is the horoscope, which tries to guess not only the fate of events or people, but also the characteristics of their constant personality in the position of the Sun, Moon and other stars at the time and place of birth. .

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If you are interested, go to the astrology page of our site to discover our personalized studies and thus get to know you better.

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