Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility in Love

Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility in Love: Characters

Aquarius and Sagittarius share the same outlook on life, although the Sagittarius woman will have to take the first step. The man of the Aquarius sign, in fact, in terms of feelings, is more reserved and not inclined to promises. This could create problems in the relationship, because while the Sagittarius woman is predisposed to a loyal and emotional relationship, she is more reluctant to show great affection.

This can lead these two signs to decide to only establish a relationship of friendship rather than a real romantic relationship. Both have a strong admiration for each other, love life, originality and value their independence. This leads them to understand each other very well even if the Sagittarius woman sometimes seems a little too selfish. The Sagittarius woman is influenced by Jupiter, while the Aquarius man is influenced by Saturn and Uranus. A trio of planets perfect for realizing creative ideas.

Aquarius and Sagittarius have, in many ways, similar characters. They are both very positive. Aquarius is represented in astrology by the symbol of the water carrier – an individual who, in ancient times, went alone into the desert or savannah to collect the water needed to support his community. Likewise, the natives of Aquarius, whether they are aware of it or not, see themselves as those who walk where others do not want to bring the nourishing waters of knowledge and ingenuity to the general public. This establishes an agreement with Sagittarius, a zodiac sign that likes to seek the truth and ponder the big philosophical questions in life.

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Sagittarius is represented in the night sky by the constellation of a centaur archer, which shows a warrior spirit that is protective, but also a keen eye and quick approach to life. While Aquarius is quick in thought, Sagittarius is quick in action, making the two signs a good mix of passion and logic.

Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

in love: love and relationships

Aquarius and Sagittarius can create a delightful combination when it comes to zodiac sign compatibility. These two enthusiasts can organize some of the funniest outings in the entire horoscope and, thanks to their love for freedom and their innate curiosity, there is a great connection between them.

Of course, the spontaneous ways of the Sagittarius woman don’t always mesh well with Aquarius, and likewise, where Sagittarius thinks with their hearts, Aquarius is much more of a creature of the mind. In short, the couple can sometimes wonder about the motivations of the other, but despite this, they are quite open-minded.

The greatest common path that Aquarius and Sagittarius couples can walk is one of selflessness and compassion.

United, Aquarius and Sagittarius often become forces of change in their community and a couple with broad horizons in all aspects of life.

Both partners are easily bored, so they will always find ways to get out of the routine and surprise each other.

Aquarius Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

in love: the challenges

The Aquarius man spends a lot of time in his head; generate ideas and invent solutions not only to their problems, but also to those of the people who are most important to them. This gives him an endowment of detachment, offset by his often unusual sense and distinctive outlook on life as a whole.

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The Sagittarius woman takes to life with her teeth, not with grim determination, but rather with a positively contagious lust for life. The Aquarius man admires how the Sagittarius woman is able to laugh at even her most humiliating mishaps, it helps him to discover his altruistic side.

The Sagittarius woman in love may be hurt by her Aquarius man’s emotional distance but in truth, he is simply somewhere else with his thoughts.

The problem both of these signs can deal with is fear of restraint and a sudden lack of freedom – aspects of life that neither Aquarius nor Sagittarius really enjoy. The freedom to come and go as they please without judgment is extremely important to Aquarius and Sagittarius souls. Perhaps unfairly, Sagittarius tends to be most associated with this personality type, often overlooking Aquarius’ need for freedom.

However, the relationship can certainly thrive for the Aquarius man in love and the Sagittarius woman simply because their respect for their own freedom and that of their partner is so high.

Having such an open mind can be a challenge. They can together go very far and establish their rules of the game.

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