Le Mat in the Tarot de Marseille

The Arcane N ° 22: the Mat in the Tarot de Marseille

The Arcane Le Mat represents movement, he advances towards the unknown by being satisfied with the minimum vital, by not changing anything of the essential, he is a free being. This card announces the departure towards the unknown, a displacement, an unforeseen. Promoting strong sensations, the consultant may have a stroke of luck, a favorable situation which will be short-lived, it should not be missed !!! Only intuition can give good luck. He is dynamic and full of energy, he seems tireless. This card symbolizes travel and movement and is beneficial for all businesses of all kinds.

The Arcane Le Mat in the game

If this card is drawn right side up: you are in a situation where you have to make a choice. Even though the consequences are still a bit hazy in your head, you are determined to move on and it might lead to your goal. However, some people around you tend to dissuade you from taking action, but success seems to be with you.

If this card is drawn upside down (negative): this blade announces sudden changes in situations, events and unexpected surprises. You could be the prey of obsessions, manias, psychological problems, you could also be subject to head buttings and end up losing your freedom subjected to your vices or obsessive behaviors.

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The Arcane Le Mat and lovele mat au tarot marseille

Positive: Perhaps, after a few years of living together, everyday life ends up tiring and marring your love. You want novelty, change, dust off things and energize your relationship. Together you could consider treating yourself to a trip, an adventure that is out of your ordinary.

Negative: Your partner does not secure you, your love life is unstable. Communication is non-existent and superficial, your relationship does not seem solid. Some will leave their partner, others will be cheated on, in search of intense emotions. Singles will have a tendency to flutter, accumulating adventures and experiences.

The Arcane Le Mat and finances

Positive: This arcane emphasizes that you are not concerned with the material aspect, you are detached from it. With your altruistic and benevolent side, you are more interested in the richness of the heart. You don’t have any financial difficulties. You could possibly invest for a project abroad or for a humanitarian organization.

Negative: It seems you have no common sense in keeping your budget, your spending is impulsive and unreasonable. Beware of risky investments or partners deemed « insecure », sometimes linked abroad. Take charge of your budget and keep your feet on the ground.

The Arcane Le Mat and health

Positive: You have a foolproof, overflowing energy, you are tireless and border on extravagance. Always ready to take trips or commutes for your work.

Negative: This card emphasizes that stress in the workplace « wins » you, it draws your energy and « pumps » you. Think about managing it better by taking a step back and taking time for yourself.

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The Arcane Le Mat and work

la fou le mat in the tarot de marseille

Positive: This arcane indicates an activity which includes many movements. It is without a doubt that you will experience a change in your professional life. A change of job, access to new functions and maybe even a transfer abroad.

Negative: Your job is not right for you, maybe you are in front of a desk aspiring to work outdoors. You might quit your job on a whim, watch out for impulsive acts that you might regret.

The motto of L’arcane Le Mat: luck, freedom, new beginnings.

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