Astrological forecast for July

Strong energy has been bubbling through our cosmic skies since the start of the eclipse season in late May. it seems that at a collective level we are all going through a period of transformation and growth.

This period may have created feelings of intensity, uncertainty, and excitement about what to expect. This mixture of emotions can also cause dispersion.

As we welcome the month of July, we can still feel this energy linger. We are always descending from the energies of eclipses, and July also brings some cosmic alignments that encourage us to overcome certain fears and find a new sense of motivation and confidence.

As we get into the middle of the month, things start to mellow out. We can feel more clarity, feel stronger, more supported, and more confident in our journey ahead.

July offers beautiful energies that we can work with.

Here is an overview of astrology for July 2021 and how you can work with the energies:

July 1-4: Mars in square with Uranus and Saturn

June was a difficult month due to eclipses and the increasing number of planets going into retrograde. The first few days of July seem to continue this intensity as we now have Mars entering a square with Saturn and Uranus. This is a potentially difficult alignment that can lead to frustration and tension. It can also trigger feelings of anger and make us restless. On the other hand, however, we can also use these energies to connect with the fearless warrior within ourselves. Whenever Mars is active in this way, we can tap into this energy to find our confidence and strength, and remind ourselves that there is nothing we cannot handle. Mars can trigger us, but it can also help us eliminate and release those triggers that may linger due to fear or a lack of self-confidence. Observe what awaits you over the next few days. Ask yourself the question: if I wasn’t afraid, what would I do? And see how the answer can bring clarity and greater awareness.

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July 3-7 Sirius Gateway

Sirius is a fixed star and at this time of year it aligns with our Sun, opening the front door and allowing high frequency energies to flow towards Earth. Sirius is believed to be a portal to higher realms, believed to be home to Sirian beings known for their technological advancements and psychic abilities. In modern astrology, Sirius also represents freedom. All of this energy makes the Sirius Gateway a wonderful time for intuitive development, for deepening your spiritual practice, for working on technology projects, and for feeling free to express yourself.

July 9 – Cancer New Moon

Cancer’s New Moon carries an energy similar to the square of the beginning of the month. You may notice similar themes or issues that need your attention. While we may also feel a little restless and irritable around the time of this New Moon, it also generates a gentle frequency. Cancer energy helps us nourish and take care of ourselves. Now is the time to nourish your mind, body, and soul, no matter what has graced your path. Align yourself with whatever feels comforting and calming and peaceful.

July 12 – Mercury Trigone Jupiter

Do you feel like you’ve been even more patient in recent weeks? Well, your patience is about to be rewarded! If you’ve negotiated a contract, dealt with paperwork issues, or navigated following communication issues, there’s some ease to be found under this alignment.

July 13 – Venus conjunct Mars

The magical alignment of the two cosmic lovers is July 13! This is a rare alignment where we see Venus and Mars coming together in unity. Venus and Mars are considered the two cosmic lovers, their energy brings the union of yin and yang or of the masculine and the feminine. The meeting of Venus and Mars can provoke and accelerate the meeting of soul mates and twin flames. Watch for any important encounters that are crossing your path at this time.

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July 15 – Retrograde Chiron

Chiron is an asteroid known as the Wounded Healer. He is currently in the sign of Aries and will enter the demotion where he will remain until December 19. When Chiron goes retrograde, we are encouraged to review any past wounds that we have not yet healed. When Chiron’s energy is involved, it’s not so much about healing the wound for the sake of perfection, but rather acquiring the wisdom that the wound has left us with. It is this wisdom that can help us connect with our own inner “wounded healer” and allow us to use our wounds as a strength rather than a weakness.

July 22 – Sun in Leo

Out of the season of Cancer, we are heading into the fiery and creative season of Leo, and it will be a welcome change. After browsing our deepest thoughts and feelings and recharging our batteries, we will feel ready to return to the world and seek out new, creative and exciting opportunities.

July 23 – Full Moon of Aquarius

We have two consecutive Full Moons of Aquarius this year, and this is the first. These two full moons work in harmony with each other, so anything that happens on that full moon will likely be replayed next month. Unless everything that’s illuminated under this full moon is only part of the story, the rest will be delivered to you later. This Aquarius full moon carries the energy of transformation and creativity. It seems like we can be encouraged to step out of our comfort zones and embrace a new way of being.

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July 28 – Jupiter retrograde returns in Aquarius

Jupiter has been retrograde in Pisces since June 20, but now it is returning to Aquarius. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius until December. This is a subtle energy shift, but it can inspire us to think about community and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. More on that here.

To guide you through the energies of July, try the Cosmic Healing Meditation, which has been designed specifically for the energies of the month.

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