Astrological portrait of Libra rising Leo

Character traits of Libra rising Leo

native of libra sign Ascendant Leo, you undoubtedly have the art of seducing the greatest number of people, so you are very easily « in tune with the times », you spontaneously integrate the rules, you are not on the wrong side. Your ascendant gives you this assurance that does not fear competition. You are refined, your taste is sure, your need to seduce and please constantly pushes you to play a role and you can pass for someone superficial. The Libra rising lion imposes and it is difficult to resist him. In society, he is well brought up and brilliant, he is pleasant to be around and it is rare to be bored at his side. Faithful in friendship, his friends can count on his listening and his advice.

Libra ascending lion and love

Your sentimental life is all in your image, a great seducer at heart, it is not uncommon to see you married and divorced several times. Your passionate and fiery character encourages you to constantly question yourself. You run away from any relationship that falls into monotony and habits, you seek strong sensations. You need beauty and refinement to live your sentimental or conjugal life to its satisfaction.

As a couple, the Libra ascendant lion is passionate, playful, demonstrative and warm. Never short of ideas, he is gifted in getting his couple out of everyday life, he knows how to bring dreams and wonder. When things are not going well in his couple, he does not hesitate to put an end to it or to look elsewhere.

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Libra Ascendant Leo and Labor

Responsibilities do not scare you and you have great work potential. Your risk-taking and initiatives sometimes cause you to come into conflict with your superiors or your collaborators. By your dynamism you often prove to be the engine of your work group. You observe, you analyze a lot and it is with a practical and organized sense that you go straight to the point. The Libra rising lion is an excellent negotiator, nothing in your interlocutors escapes you. Ambitious, his professional career is always evolving and he always gives himself the means to achieve his objectives.

Libra rising lion and Health

Your energies are lively and reliable, you live a hundred miles an hour and you sometimes forget to take care of yourself, which has the consequence of being prey to brutal fatigue which obliges you to stop and recover.

The weak points of the Libra rising lion

Your weak points are the heart, gallbladder, eyes, nose, respiratory system, kidneys and back. Subject to strong and sometimes violent emotions, you may be the victim of arrhythmia, palpitation, cardiovascular problem of all kinds. You are sensitive to pollution and ambient air which can trigger respiratory problems in you.

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