Astrological portrait of the Ascendant Scorpio Leo

The lion and the scorpion: two forces of nature whose only watchword can be summed up as follows: « to want is to be able »

Protagonist, colorful, driven by pressing life instincts, a constant appetite to surpass oneself, you like challenges and take up challenges. Of a bellicose nature, duels do not scare you, all means are good to achieve your ends. A particular magnetism emerges in you which fascinates and impresses at the same time. Complex, those around you find it difficult to follow you, to understand you. The native of the ascending Leo sign Scorpio does not conceive of staying still, so he engages in several activities that he rarely leads to their ends. He has his opinion on everything, in society he is dynamic, extrovert, original and laughable.

The ascendant Scorpio and love

Passionate, dissatisfied, constantly in search of an ideal, a tendency to engage in chaotic relationships, if not impossible, your sentimental journey is complex. In a Relationship, joys, conflicts, reconciliations accompany your relationship, which is not easy, to say the least. Even if he does not show himself to be faithful, the ascendant Scorpio Leo fully lives his state of love and in return he expects real dedication from his / her partner. Appeasement comes to maturity, the lion retracts its claws and purrs like a kitten.

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The ascendant Scorpio Leo and Labor

Desperate to achieve his goals and achieve his goals, the ascending Scorpio Leo lacks tact and flexibility, he makes no concessions, his relationships with others are conflicting. His daily life at work is full of tension, he has this brawling propensity which makes him a formidable opponent. Clairvoyant, observer, he is quick and efficient in his functions. He has the soul of a leader, the hierarchy oppresses him and he seeks to be free of his actions. His professional path is irregular but always evolving, he is not afraid to question everything and start from scratch.

The Ascendant Scorpio and Health

It takes a lot to bring you down or demoralize you, you have awesome energy. Endowed with a surprising and powerful potential for vitality, you are a go-getter and dynamic, enterprising, your capacity for recovery is great.

Some weak points to watch out for in the ascendant Scorpio Leo

Your weak points are the heart, the lower back, the colon, the sexual organs, please pay attention to heart diseases of all kinds which can assail you without warning. You may be subject to hormonal imbalances, various sexual problems. Stress and tension affect your body and this can trigger colitis and pain in your lower abdomen.

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