Astrological sign in December: Decans and dates

The month of December has 2 astrological signs: Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Sagittarius second decan: November 23 – December 2

They are the most honest and outspoken people you will find around you. They have a good sense of humor and a big heart. Plus, they’re always ready for adventure. Sagittarians of the 1st decan are among the most daring and courageous people. In fact, Sagittarius himself is one of the bravest of the zodiac signs.

In a completely different register, they also believe in spreading laughter and joy wherever you go. Sometimes their honesty can get them into trouble that should have been avoided. They are advised to pay attention to this.

Sagittarius second decan: December 3 – 12

This second decan of Sagittarius, in Aries, constantly needs challenges and discoveries, and is perhaps the most naturally frank and the least artificial of all the decans of the zodiac. Stubborn and courageous, they quickly lose interest in anything that does not inspire them. If these people are not sportsmen, they probably have another similar channel to release their great spiritual and physical energy. They are the perfect example of the soldier of the spirit and the soul.

Sagittarius third decan: December 13 – 21

Here in the Leo decan of Sagittarius we have the showman, someone who is always looking for a new adventure or a spontaneous experience. Their integrity and pride are high, yet they always seem to fall into the traps of excessive risk-taking, rash decisions, and impulsive actions. They need to aim far and high, and will undoubtedly experience many disappointments in life, due to the scale of their ambitions and dreams.

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Capricorn of the first decan: December 22 – 31

The patience and determination of first decan Capricorns are legendary. They are not as sure of themselves as one would think, but their tenacity and ability in all areas are unmatched. They are the true pillars of strength to lean on when the winds turn into storms. Although they are sometimes dictatorial and always, to some extent, inflexible and rigid, they are soft at heart and have a great sense of humor.

December astrological calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
1st December Sagittarius 1st decan
December 2 Sagittarius 1st decan
December 3 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 4 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 5 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 6 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 7 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 8 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 9 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 10 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 11 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 12 Sagittarius 2nd decan
December 13 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 14 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 15 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 16 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 17 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 18 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 19 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 20 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 21 Sagittarius 3rd decan
December 22 Capricorn 1st decan
December 23 Capricorn 1st decan
December 24 Capricorn 1st decan
December 25th Capricorn 1st decan
December 26 Capricorn 1st decan
December 27 Capricorn 1st decan
December 28 Capricorn 1st decan
December 29 Capricorn 1st decan
December 30 Capricorn 1st decan
December 31st Capricorn 1st decan

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