Pisces in love: seduce them and keep them

Pisces is the twelfth and last astrological sign that closes the wheel of the zodiac. The natives of Pisces belong to the Water element and are ruled by the planet Neptune. This represents the god of the sea and also the planet of empathy, sensitivity and nostalgia. The natives of Pisces have creativity and imagination. They are very inventive and can easily break into the artistic and musical world. But by getting too carried away by their sensitivity and imagination, Pisces can easily lose touch with reality and become depressed. So, it is important to understand them well in order to be able to seduce them and keep them.

The Pisces woman in love: dreamy and creative

The Pisces woman in love is a little dreamer. She lets herself be guided by her intuition and her overflowing imagination. Thus, she tends to imagine her life rather than confronting reality which can sometimes be difficult.

Having a creative spirit and a fairly developed artistic fiber, the native of this water sign will tend to always seek or create something new. She also likes to meditate, reflect on her surroundings, and always keep an open mind. The Pisces woman is kind, devoted, empathetic and understanding. She sacrifices herself for the loved ones in her eyes without ever having ulterior motives because in her presence everyone must feel good.

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The Pisces woman in love: what a great romantic!

Seduce a Pisces in love

In love, the Pisces woman is in search of the ideal relationship. She dreams of a romantic relationship taken from a Hollywood film. She needs a partner who values ​​her and allows her to have confidence in herself. She is looking for a man who constantly compliments her without getting tired. The native of Pisces invests a lot in love to the point of being often disappointed. But as a fighter and optimist at heart, she doesn’t give up and always gives her best. A member of the water element, she will find the company of her peers (Scorpio and Cancer) more pleasant. However, she must shun Fire signs like Sagittarius and Leo in love.

The Pisces man in love: imagination in power

Not being comfortable in public, the Pisces man tends to take refuge in the artistic, musical, culinary fields… He manages to pour out his emotions there and develop his creative spirit. The rather suspicious native of Pisces much prefers the little family cocoon and remains stuck in his bubble. He seeks peace and quiet.

His loved ones love him for his honesty and sincerity. They know they can count on him. But Mr. Pisces can be offended and easily offended, because he does not trust him. This touchy temperament can get him in trouble.

The Pisces man in love: a shy seductive

The shyness and introverted side of the Pisces man arouses the gaze and the interest of women. They want to know the person behind so many mysteries. The natives of this sign are idealistic and romantic. So don’t be afraid to talk to her about marriages, children and everything that can punctuate the life of a couple. Pisces is looking for the person who will accompany him all his life. He is looking for a relationship with an honest and very sweet woman. However, he sometimes lacks seriousness and is too dreamy, so he will tend to avoid important discussions or anything that could cause conflict. The woman in his life must therefore know how to understand and channel it. Thus, a conscientious and sensual Taurus woman will be ideal for Pisces. Together, they will find the perfect balance and get along wonderfully.

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However, Pisces should avoid unions with air signs like Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.

Pisces sign love compatibility

Feminine and sensitive, the Pisces woman will get along wonderfully with a strong Aries man who is ready to cheer her up when she feels down. It is a perfect alliance between Water and Fire.

Mister Pisces, meanwhile, will be able to find happiness with Miss Scorpion, because he will appreciate her sincerity and open-mindedness.

What are Pisces’ faults in love?

The native of Pisces is often disconnected from reality. He gets too carried away by his emotions and doesn’t take his life enough in his own hands. He easily lets himself be plunged into depression and melancholy. Pisces is quite indifferent to its environment. He often lives in disorder, which earns him reproaches. His weaknesses also push him to lie so as not to take responsibility for his actions and avoid conflicts.

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