Astrological sign in January: Decans and dates

The month of January has 2 astrological signs: Capricorn and the Aquarius.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Capricorn of the second decan

From January 1 to 10, ruled by Venus. The Capricorn of the second decan, in Taurus, is very patient and hardworking, but will not give up relaxation and the good things in life for accomplishment. They can be artists, and if they feel they have talent, they will explore it in a calm and sincere way that compensates for their slowness in gaining new experiences. These people believe that if something needs to be done, it should always be done right and to the end.

Capricorn of the third decan

January 11-20, ruled by Mercury. To be born under the Virgo decan of Capricorn is the mark of a certain restlessness, and of a great desire for functionality and efficiency. Although far from being impulsive daredevils, they lack the great patience of the first two decans of Capricorn. Administrative ability is at its peak here, and these Capricorns have great practical intelligence and organizational skills. It is the indication of a scientific mind, in search of empirical evidence.

Aquarius of the first decan

From January 21 to 29, ruled by Uranus. The first decan of Aquarius is that of complexity and individualism. These people are free thinkers and mavericks, with a high moral conscience and a desire to benefit from the community. Although highly socialized and group oriented, they can yearn for solitude, be moody and easily depressed while displaying a cheerful appearance. You will almost never find one of these simple people – even with a limited education, they manage to appear insightful, unbiased and reasonable.

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Aquarius of the second decan

January 30 – February 8, ruled by Mercury. The second decan, Gemini/Mercury, of Aquarius by nature is a little lighter in spirit but also lacks stamina. Extremely alert and brilliant, they can be cultural, artistic or scientific chameleons, soaking up and interpreting the ideas and ways of others with ease. Abstract theory appeals to them and they are fascinated by the invisible powers that lie behind social interaction and communication. Some people may find them insensitive or sometimes too spirit-oriented, as they may find it difficult to establish relationships other than purely intellectual ones.

January zodiac calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
January 1st Capricorn 2nd decan
January 2 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 3 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 4 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 5 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 6 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 7 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 8 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 9 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 10 Capricorn 2nd decan
January 11 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 12 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 13 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 14 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 15 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 16 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 17 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 18 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 19 Capricorn 3rd decan
January 20 Capricorn 3rd decan
January the 21st Aquarius 1st decan
January 22 Aquarius 1st decan
January 23 Aquarius 1st decan
January 24 Aquarius 1st decan
January 25 Aquarius 1st decan
January 26 Aquarius 1st decan
January 27 Aquarius 1st decan
January 28 Aquarius 1st decan
January 29 Aquarius 1st decan
January 30 Aquarius 1st decan
January 31 Aquarius 2nd decan
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