Astrological sign in June: Decans and dates

The month of June has 2 astrological signs: Gemini and Cancer.

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Gemini of the second decan: June 1 – 10

The second decan of Gemini, that of Libra, is a curious seeker of beauty and camaraderie. They are truly people, and they sacrifice a lot for an hour of great conversation. Since they’re more likely to be fascinated or find value in unexpected things, and tend to be at least mentally empathetic, they can generally hold their own and aren’t as restless as Geminis in the first decan.

True detectives by nature, people in the second decan of Gemini will always try to find the root of all causes. It is only after knowing the whole truth that they will judge things. They aim high and always strive to achieve what they have in mind on the first try. They are also blessed with great sex appeal and are expert at expressing their love.

Third decan Gemini: June 11 – 21

The third decan of Gemini is the most detached and least emotional, but the most humanistic of the Gemini decans. These people are good with concepts and ideas, and relate easily to any type of person thanks to their sociable and friendly attitude. They absorb all kinds of knowledge and seek a combination of broad knowledge and personal vision.

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These people are among the most innovative and original. They are both very enthusiastic about all things and optimistic in almost all situations. In addition, they are open to new ideas and new interests.

First Decan Cancer: June 22 – July 1

The first decan of Cancer is the decan of fertile mother earth. “Heart” is a keyword in their life and in everything they do. These people care and tend to their loved ones with endless energy and compassion, but demand great loyalty from friends and lovers alike. They are very jealous.

Cancers of the first decan are truly empathetic people and are quick to support those who have problems or are in need. They are considerate of others and demand the same in return.

June zodiac calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
June 1st Gemini 2nd decan
June 2 Gemini 2nd decan
June 3 Gemini 2nd decan
June 4 Gemini 2nd decan
June 5 Gemini 2nd decan
June 6 Gemini 2nd decan
June 7 Gemini 2nd decan
June 8 Gemini 2nd decan
June 9 Gemini 2nd decan
June 10 Gemini 2nd decan
June 11 Gemini 3rd decan
June 12 Gemini 3rd decan
June 13 Gemini 3rd decan
June 14 Gemini 3rd decan
June 15 Gemini 3rd decan
June 16 Gemini 3rd decan
June 17 Gemini 3rd decan
June 18 Gemini 3rd decan
June 19 Gemini 1st decan
June 20 Gemini 1st decan
21st of June Gemini 1st decan
June 22 Cancer 1st decan
June 23 Cancer 1st decan
June 24 Cancer 1st decan
June 25 Cancer 1st decan
June 26 Cancer 1st decan
June 27 Cancer 1st decan
June 28 Cancer 1st decan
June 29 Cancer 1st decan
June 30th Cancer
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