Which parent is Cancer?

The Cancer parent:

The Cancer parent is very involved in the education of their children and appreciates every moment of the pregnancy, birth and growth of their child. The Cancer parent is loving, protective, sensitive and compassionate. He creates a safe and comfortable family environment for all his loved ones.

Caring for people is how Cancer shows love. You need everything for your family to feel safe and essential.

Cancer parents need to be careful not to be overly protective. Letting go is a challenge for them as their child grows older.

Cancer enjoys being surrounded by his loved ones and protecting them with his generosity and love.

The relationship of the Cancer parent with his child

Cancers are considered an embodiment of caring and tenderness, they are ready to devote most of their time to their children, to solve their problems and fulfill their desires. Cancer parents have a devouring love for their children.

The children of Cancers are like them, they are always very curious. The little ones of Cancers are ready to fully open their hearts and souls to their parents, to share their most intimate secrets and their fears, knowing that they will be heard, understood and supported.

Mother Cancer

Mother Cancer has strong maternal feelings for her children. With her vivid imagination, she reveals to her child the beauty of life. Mother Cancer loves to tell fairy tales, she understands the inner world of her little child.

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Mother Cancer endures her children’s disobedience to a point, and then she becomes strict. She may not always be in control of her words and emotions. The child is not always sure what kind of reaction to expect.

As the child grows up, the Cancer mother, through her excessive anxiety, may restrict her freedom.

Additionally, Cancer mothers, due to their rich imaginations, can sometimes make a mistake in assessing their child’s abilities.

For children, such a deep motherly love can cause them to become selfish, or find it difficult to enter adulthood, to overcome difficulties in their path.

Father Cancer

Father Cancer is not always very concerned about his young children. But, as they grow up, he actively connects with the education process, finds time to communicate with his children, becomes interested in their extra-family activities. He is proud of his son, is ready to protect his daughter if necessary, and tries with all his might to befriend his offspring.

In the role of father, Cancer serves to his child as an example of a benevolent attitude towards parents and loved ones, careful treatment of their feelings, self-confidence, diligence, fulfillment of filial duty, firmness and perseverance in defending their ideals. For their children, Cancer fathers have strong and deep feelings.

Cancers are prone to sudden mood swings, due to which the child loses a clear understanding of his father. If, moreover, the Cancer father hides his feelings, then the child may not understand it at all. Between them can grow a wall of incomprehension. To prevent this from happening, Cancer fathers should share their feelings and experiences with their child, ask the child about their experiences.

Cancer parent, Aries child

Intensely passionate, these signs can be a great combination if both parties respect the other. Cancer can help their Aries child adjust to their emotions; Aries can teach Cancer parents the power to act rather than ruminate.

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Cancer parent, Taurus child

A Cancer parent and a Taurus child have a strong emotional bond and enjoy spending time together. As the little Taurus grows up, the Cancer parent may hold onto the past too tightly, so learning to let go and grow taller is key!

Cancer parent, Gemini child

Although both of these signs are emotional, they express their emotions in different ways. Gemini voices their opinions and Cancers look inward. Finding a language to communicate and share emotions is essential for these signs to remain harmonious.

Cancer parent, Cancer child

Parents and children with Cancer are in sync with each other, creating both advantages and disadvantages. Cancer parents need to realize that even though their Cancer child looks like them, they are a different person. And Cancer children need to learn to forgive and forget the occasional parent-child argument and head butt.

Cancer parent, Leo child

Cancer parents are sometimes mystified by the daring confidence of their little Leo, who can border on brash by Cancer standards. Cancer parents and Leo children connect around a shared love of creativity and a deep imagination, and the more they see and admire each other’s gifts, the more attentive and in harmony they will be.

Cancer parent, Virgo child

Both sensitive, intelligent and in love with the beauty of the world, this can be a great combination between the water sign Cancer and the earth sign Virgo. Cancer can help guide Virgo to be more in tune with their emotions, while even Cancer parents can learn from the pragmatic Virgo.

Cancer parent, Libra child

Both signs are creative and intelligent, but Cancer parents may find it difficult to connect with Libra emotionally. Little Libras, unwilling to hurt, can suppress their feelings to create harmony with their Cancer parent.

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Cancer parent, Scorpio child

These two water signs love and fiercely protect each other, and they will fight fiercely as well. However, Cancer and Scorpio understand each other innately, and while both typically hold a grudge, this duo have the ability to forgive and move on.

Cancer parent, Sagittarius child

The fiery Sagittarius impresses Cancer, who loves the way they always say what they think. Cancer parents and Sagittarius children love hugs, and connection, although Cancer parents can have a hard time when Sagittarius wants to explore far from home.

Cancer parent, Capricorn child

Cancer parents love their diligent and intelligent Capricorn children, but the logical side of little Capricorn can be frustrating at times. Cancer thinks emotions are healthy, and having a child this pragmatic can drive them a little bit crazy. Both signs are homeowners, so parent and child will find closeness in the daily routine of life.

Cancer parent, Aquarius child

Idealistic and intense, this water sign and air sign team binds together around a strong sense of social justice and what is ‘right’ in the world. Both creatives and artists, Cancer parents and Aquarius kids can spend hours sketching, building castles, and creating make-believe worlds. But while Cancers like to anchor themselves in the world, Aquarians are free spirits. A Cancer parent should allow an Aquarius child to go on an adventure and trust wherever they travel because that parent will always be close to the child’s heart.

Cancer parent, Pisces child

Intense and intuitive, these two water signs are both in touch with their emotional depths, which can cause incredible closeness as well as stormy fights, especially in the teenage years. Both parties need to control their emotions. While honesty is key, these parent-teen fights are opportunities to say things that Cancer and Pisces might later regret.

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