Capricorn in love: how to conquer it?

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign of the zodiac wheel. When we talk about him, we immediately evoke his lack of humor, his coldness and his overly disciplined side. Despite their appearances, Capricorn actually reveals a lot of values, a certain tranquility and above all a well-protected sensitivity that makes them endearing. Discover how to please a Capricorn in love.

The Capricorn woman and feelings

How to Seduce a Capricorn

The Capricorn woman is reserved, distant and cautious at first, but when she commits nothing can stop her. Once conquered, the Capricorn woman is not the type to demonstrate her love publicly. She creates a strong shell that makes her quite cold in the eyes of her partner. On the other hand, in intimacy she manages to reveal her inner world rich in sensitivity.

Despite everything, let us emphasize that in love the Capricorn woman is a very faithful companion. However, before embarking on any relationship, she tends to analyze all the contours; a behavior that sometimes gives him a haughty air.

Seducing the Capricorn Woman is not easy. And, can be likened to a challenge because it is not easily conquered. So, to capsize his heart, you have to win his trust. To do this, you have to enter your personal space gradually without ever rushing it. His love for you should come through your charm or charisma. Try to discover her humorous personality, her subtle spirit and a touch of eroticism in her words in order to be able to captivate her.

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How does the Capricorn woman behave in love?

In love, the Capricorn woman does not cheat. She is looking for a strong relationship and a trustworthy lover. Some men may feel unsettled by the haughty air and the rather cold and distant attitude of the Capricorn woman. She is also demanding in the beginning but in a stable and lasting relationship, she changes completely.

Indeed, she communicates her feelings and expects more from her spouse. She wants compliments, seeks reassurance, the approval of the person who knows her best, her lover. The Capricorn native is faithful and honest, but not always very playful.

She can also be slightly suspicious and does not hesitate to investigate. But, the Capricorn woman in love is more romantic than most of the other signs even if she refuses to admit it, it is always her heart that ends up guiding her. Once she chooses you, you can count on her never to play with your confidence, until her last breath.

Capricorn man and feelings

To seduce the Capricorn man, he does not deploy great flirting tactics, but relies on the little practical attentions of everyday life… Without being demonstrative, the native Capricorn knows how to show you that he cares about you. Women in love with this sign should not be surprised that the Capricorn man at the start of a romantic relationship is extremely shy. Once you have fallen under your spell, its natural reserve will give way to a caring and loyal man. In intimacy, he will leave his shyness of the day and free himself for the great pleasure of his companion.

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How do you know if a Capricorn man likes you?

In love, theCapricorn man don’t beat around the bush. When he loves, he slowly but surely immerses himself in the relationship. The Capricorn man has a frank, serious and disciplined personality. He is, without a doubt, a man you can trust, a reliable man. He likes to plan and structure things. He also has a great sense of responsibility. When he has a task to do, he does not rest until he has completed what he has committed to do.

Capricorn Man Love Compatibility

1st decan

The Capricorn man is a focused, responsible man who does not have time for hobbies. But behind this shell, a need for sensuality and warmth is sought. The Pisces woman will be ideal to fulfill the desires of the latter.

2nd decan

The Capricorn man has a great capacity for work. He has total control over himself. He makes extraordinary efforts to achieve his goals. The Taurus woman will be able to bring Capricorn out of her overly rigorous work zone while feeling fulfilled.

3rd decan

The Capricorn of the third decan is a perfectionist and constantly seeks to improve his lot by aiming for professional success and material security. Despite this, he does not let go of his romantic and idealistic side. He will need moral and maternal support. The Virgo woman will know how to measure up.

Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility

1st decan

The Capricorn woman of the 1st decan is emotionally stable. She needs to remain in control of her choices. So she will go to a man who will make her experience beautiful things while respecting her desire for freedom. The gentle, affectionate, pleasant and generous Cancer man will be ideal for accomplishing this mission.

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2nd decan

In this decan, the Capricorn woman gradually loses self-confidence. She is tough on herself and needs affection. A native of Scorpio will be able to detect and decode the emotions of a Capricorn woman of the 2nd decan.

3rd decan

The Capricorn woman of the 3rd decan is not afraid to wet her shirt to reach the goal she has set for herself. She has charisma, she is intelligent and is endowed with many imaginations. She shines with her tenacity and relentlessness. In love, she needs a man who will make her dream and with whom she will spend fabulous times. Cancer and Capricorn Men will be perfect to fulfill his desires.

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