Astrological sign in May: Decans and dates

The month of May has 2 astrological signs: the Taurus and Gemini

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Taurus of the second decan: May 1 – 10

Taurus of the second decan influenced by Virgo often have a great sense of tact, and an incredibly well-tuned sensory apparatus. Careful in their speech and musical in their voice, they can be discreet charmers, shy but reluctant to let what they have in mind pass. They have grace, and more flexibility than Taurus in general. However, they can also bore people with a sometimes too realistic and pragmatic view of the world.

They are extremely gifted in the arts. If you are under their supervision, they can be very strict and can be control freaks. They also enjoy achieving materialistic goals. They can also be too judgmental at times.

Taurus of the third decan: May 11 – 21

The Taurus of the third decan ruled by Saturn are the great builders of their time. They can be stern and sometimes downright annoying, but they are totally loyal and stable. Once one gets past their somewhat austere appearance, they turn out to be humorous and sensual and enjoy the finer things in life. These Taurus are some of the most disciplined of the entire zodiac, and generally accomplish every task and goal with great caution, care, and patience.

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The natives of the third decan of Taurus have a strong will, and they have the qualities to reach the top wherever they go. They have a perfect set of combat skills, and everything they set their eyes on will eventually be achieved. If not, they will try again with improved skills.

Gemini of the first decan: May 21 – 31

Geminis of the first decan are curious observers and researchers, always ready to be distracted by a wonderful landscape, an interesting thought or an entertaining conversation. Intelligent, logical, and detached, they are sometimes unable to apply their keen minds to deeper thought or powerful, systematic reasoning.

The natives of the 1st decan of Gemini are also good at conversations. They observe everything around them, find logic in it and always seek knowledge. Sometimes they can also get drowned in too many activities to handle.

May astrological calendar: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
May 1 Bull 2nd decan
May 2 Bull 2nd decan
May 3 Bull 2nd decan
May 4 Bull 2nd decan
May 5 Bull 2nd decan
May 6 Bull 2nd decan
May 7 Bull 2nd decan
May 8 Bull 2nd decan
May 9 Bull 2nd decan
May 10 Bull 2nd decan
May 11 Bull 3rd decan
May 12 Bull 3rd decan
May 13 Bull 3rd decan
May 14 Bull 3rd decan
May 15 Bull 3rd decan
May 16 Bull 3rd decan
May 17 Bull 3rd decan
May 18 Bull 3rd decan
May 19 Bull 3rd decan
May 20 Bull 3rd decan
May 21st Gemini 1st decan
May 22 Gemini 1st decan
May 23 Gemini 1st decan
May 24 Gemini 1st decan
May 25 Gemini 1st decan
May 26 Gemini 1st decan
May 27 Gemini 1st decan
May 28 Gemini 1st decan
May 29 Gemini 1st decan
May 30 Gemini
May 31st Gemini
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