Astrological sign in November: Decans and dates

The month of November has 2 astrological signs: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Discover which sign of the zodiac and which decan match your date of birth.

Scorpio first decan: October 24 – November 2

Pluto rules people born between these dates. They are therefore incredibly motivated; they have a high libido and strong desires. They can be prone to sadness, grief, and pain. They possess the courage, the tenacity and the will to overcome all difficulties, as well as the remarkable ability to bounce back from failure and start from scratch. They are emotionally resilient and can create opportunities for growth in the face of turmoil, challenges, setbacks, and stressful situations.

Scorpio second decan: November 3 – 12

The second decan of Scorpio gives subtle minds and a plethora of every imaginable feeling. These people seek out what is real and authentic, and will sacrifice the comfort and prestige of the world for what they believe in. Cunning and mysterious, they will not hesitate to manipulate people if necessary. They are very romantic and seductive, and thrive in an atmosphere of hidden meanings and elusive allusions.

Scorpio of the third decan: November 13 – 22

Here in the third and final decan of Scorpio, influence produces people of great emotional integrity, trusting all their feelings and rarely ready to compromise, at least against all reason. They have a great dynamism and a strong will if they believe in a cause, and can overcome possible feelings of inferiority. Deep down, they want a dramatic emotional transformation and a partner to connect with intimately and deeply.

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Sagittarius first decan: November 23 – December 2

The first decan of Jupiter of Sagittarius is typically the maverick who will become a respected citizen with academic or social responsibility. These people are adventurous, positive and very direct. In fact, they lack tact. They are lovers of action, but they usually have great intellectual, political or artistic ambitions.

Astrological calendar for November: signs and decans

Date Astrological sign Decan
November, 1st Scorpio 1st decan
November 2 Scorpio 1st decan
November 3 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 4 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 5 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 6 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 7 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 8 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 9 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 10 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 11th Scorpio 2nd decan
November 12 Scorpio 2nd decan
November 13 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 14 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 15 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 16 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 17 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 18 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 19 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 20 Scorpio 3rd decan
21 November Scorpio 3rd decan
November 22 Scorpio 3rd decan
November 23 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 24 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 25 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 26 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 27 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 28 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 29 Sagittarius 1st decan
November 30 Sagittarius

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