Rising sign in astrology: what is it and how does it affect our personality?

What are the basics of astrology?

L’astrology is a divinatory practice based on the position of the stars and planets.

When asked for your astrological sign, we are usually referring to your sun sign, which corresponds to the sign in which the Sun was positioned at the time of your birth. Some people fully identify with their sun sign, while others do not identify with it at all. This is because your moon sign and your rising sign also have a great influence on your personality.

Your moon sign reflects your inner self, and your sun sign represents your essence and soul. But what does the ascendant reflect?

What is the ascendant in astrology?

Your rising sign is extremely important in your horoscope. This sign corresponds to your first house, which refers to how other people perceive you and how you interact with the world.

Your rising sign is the mask you wear in the world. It often gives insight into your style, appearance, and even your relationship with others. That’s why if for some reason your sun sign doesn’t describe your personality as well as you would like, it’s very likely that your rising sign is stealing the show! Our ascending signs are extremely powerful, they often tell us the patterns that we are going through at any given time.

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We always encourage you to read both your sun sign and your rising sign in all horoscopes, because together they will reveal your predictions and the path you are on.

The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we react to the world around us. It also denotes the way we deal with everyday problems. Your rising sign is how your mind has chosen to project you into physical reality; it’s the way others see you.

Imagine a cinema projector: a bright light, a curved mirror through which we concentrate the light, the film and its lens. Your sun sign is the light (the essence of the movie), your moon sign is the curved mirror (the inner workings that no one necessarily sees), and your rising sign is the movie and the lens (what the audience sees ). You project your emotions (your moon) onto the world which is colored by your light (your sun and your soul), but the world only sees the image on the lens surface (your ascendant).

How do you know your rising sign?

To determine your ascendant sign, you need to know your time of birth (in addition to place, date and year) because it reveals the zodiac sign in which the sun was rising over the eastern horizon. In esoteric astrology it is said that this is when you became yourself and your soul entered your body.

Why be interested in the rising sign?

Beyond who you play as in the eyes of others and how they perceive you, knowing your ascendant helps to understand yourself on a deeper level. Your rising sign also shows the life path you embark on, the lessons you learn, and the characteristics you embody as you age. Your rising sign can help you understand the different traits of your inner personality.

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If your Ascendant is in an air sign:
– Gemini, Libra or Aquarius: you are mentally fast, curious, friendly and you prefer to express yourself verbally. You often approach life with a desire to understand the meaning of your experiences.

If your Ascendant is in a fire sign:
– Aries, Leo or Sagittarius: you are action-oriented, confident and often outspoken. You often have great vitality and physical energy, especially as you strive to make your mark in the world.

If your Ascendant is in an earth sign:
– Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn: you are down to earth and tend to focus on the material world. You often have an unwavering approach to life which can be a grounding force (especially during times of stress) for many.

If your ascendant is in a water sign:
– Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces: you are sensitive, empathetic and easily influenced by your surroundings. You often have an approach to life that is deeply tied to your emotions.

So, if your sun sign represents your essence and your soul, it is your rising sign that serves as the blueprint for your life. More than just an appearance, your rising sign is the tool given to you in this life to accomplish this sacred solar sign mission as you navigate your life from this starting point. Taking an interest in this sign allows you to find key clues to the cosmic gifts that are available to you and that you can tap into to achieve your goals.

What your ascendant says about you

Aries Ascendant

Main characteristics: Leadership, warlike energy, determination

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Taurus Ascendant

Main characteristics: Sensual, down to earth, materialistic

Gemini Ascendant

Main characteristics: Communication, networking

Cancer Ascendant

Main characteristics: Maternal / paternal, protective

Leo Ascendant

Main characteristics: Creativity, performance, entertainment

Ascendant Virgo

Main characteristics: Organized, perfectionist, healer

Ascendant Libra

Main characteristics: Romantic, seeking justice

Ascendant Scorpio

Main features: Investigator, mysterious, intuitive

Sagittarius Ascendant

Main characteristics: Explorer, adventurer, charismatic

Ascendant Capricorn

Main characteristics: Energetic, hardworking, reserved

Aquarius Ascendant

Main characteristics: Thinker out of the ordinary, independent, humanist

Ascendant Pisces

Main characteristics: Spiritual, artistic, dreamy

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