How to seduce a Sagittarius man?

Know the Sagittarius man to better seduce him

Personality with a big heart, the native man of sagittarius sign never ceases to share and give of himself at all times and for all occasions. Of a fundamentally optimistic nature, he does not shrink from any cause to justify his deep conviction that man is good, just and perfectible. Thus, the Sagittarius man can appear as someone tender and somewhat naive at times, if indeed his good nature and generosity leave you speechless. Deeply loved because of his qualities woven to the tips of his fingernails, he indeed ensures solid, rooted friendships, which reinforce his altruistic nature, deeply turned towards others. One can count without hesitation on his fidelity and his constantly renewed propensity to respond present to the solicitations or requests for help from those around him.

How to seduce a Sagittarius man?

However, his relationship to seduction proves to be complicated because of his tendency to shake up favorable situations: generous in everything, the Sagittarius man confuses in this emotional context, seduction with an undisguised enthusiasm which can often scare. Radiant in friendship, his difficulty lies in his approach to relationships of seduction, of serene discussion with his suitors: rather a go-getter than thoughtful, he tends to abandon the time for essential discussion in favor of the hasty route. In this context, it is advisable to try to turn the situation around and take things in hand in order to tend to temper the ardor of the Sagittarius man. Prepare for any hasty decision-making by the latter by guiding the approach, the discussion on calm ground and allowing each step necessary for the gradual establishment of seduction to surface.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to seduce the Sagittarius man

The major pitfall would indeed be to let the native of the sign of Sagittarius take things in hand: pretender / you warned / e, you will know how to position yourself in front of him by reversing the relationship of seduction. You will have to manage to curb his passions and make your Sagittarius go from a wild, go-getter beast to a tamed, very gentle animal who accepts the time of approach, as it must be done so as not to rush the relationship in utero. Because the underlying pitfall that explains the haste of the Sagittarius man lies in his propensity to live so much in the present time that he can put aside less exciting imperatives for him, which he therefore tirelessly puts off until tomorrow. Therefore, facing him and in case of attraction for his person, do not hesitate to relax the arc of his passion by trying to make him change the string: try to slow him down so that he can calmly radiate his quiet strength, detached from its overflowing generosity of the present moment.

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