Coronavirus: overcoming pandemic anxiety

When we enter uncharted waters, such as in the current context of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is both disturbing and frightening. It seems that, overnight, the whole world has changed.

As sensitive souls, we can sense the fear and panic of others. It can literally wear us out and cause us to experience negative emotions.

That’s why taking care of yourself is more important than ever. Staying tuned and connected with your Higher Self has never been more vital. This connection can help you feel calmer and more secure during this uncertain time.

Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety

Here are some tips to help you connect with your Higher Self and release your anxiety:

Be vigilant with social media and information

It’s okay to stay informed and up to date. But, if you feel panicked while watching TV or scrolling through social media feeds, take a few moments to breathe and refocus. Next, imagine a golden light connecting you to your Higher Self.

Connect with your spirit guides

Remember that we each have spirit guides. Make a habit of connecting with them throughout the day. Invite them and ask for their advice and support.

Spend time each day nurturing your soul

Of course, our physical needs are important. But feeding our souls is also essential. Every day, make sure you spend time listening to music, watching a movie, playing with your kids…or whatever lifts your spirits.


You figured I was going to mention meditation, right? ???? As you know, meditation is great for grounding. It can also calm you down and connect you to your Inner Self. Through meditation, you can transmute fear into love.

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Being aware of our thoughts, words and deeds is more important than ever. Staying connected to our intuition, our soul and its infinite wisdom is essential in these difficult times.

Also, even though we are in lockdown right now, we can still stay connected with our hearts and with each other. In doing so, we send good vibes out into the world and support each other.

The more of us there are to share our unconditional love throughout the world, the more chances we will give for healing and appeasement to be able to operate on all beings, ourselves included. ❤️

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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