Astrological portrait of the ascending Cancer Aquarius

Cancer ascendant Aquarius character traits

Here is the most original of Cancers, he is very hard with a soft heart but his life choices are more « unusual » than those of a classic Cancer. You need the freedom to be and to think, for example. You like to do everything your way, which displeases, even shock. You are always one step ahead of others but you lack organization, you are the bohemian type, you quickly get overwhelmed. Changing lanes or taking a side road does not scare you, it would rather be habits and a too great linearity of life that would bother you. Cancer ascendant Aquarius has this tendency to reach out to others and his relationships bring together people of all levels, so you are a receptive person who knows how to get in unison with the people he meets.

Cancer ascendant Aquarius and love

Particularly attached to your stability, you like to build and invest in a relationship that allows you to multiply projects. Creating a couple, starting a family is very important to you. As a couple, you know how to be attentive, listen to others, you appreciate the calm and the possibility of being together, this allows you to get to know each other better and to better understand your desires. The relationship of Ascendant Cancer to Aquarius relies on complicity, respect, balance, concessions.

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Cancer ascendant Aquarius and Labor

Always on the go, you are never at a loss for ideas and projects. You know how to diversify your activity so as not to fall into monotony. You enjoy working within a team that is dynamic and that knows how to motivate you. The relationships with the members of your work are more often harmonious and constructive. Cancer ascendant Aquarius often tends to be one step ahead of events, so they surprise with their ideas and decisions. Despite this side that he has to disperse, he carries out his actions but he spends a lot of energy.

Cancer ascendant Aquarius and health

You are very nervous, the pressure and stress that results from it, especially triggered by your obligations, by overwork are all factors that promote anxiety in you. Beneath his confident and self-confident demeanor, the Cancer ascendant Aquarius remains a prey to doubt and hesitation. His energies are irregular and this often causes him chronic and unexpected fatigue.

Some weak points to watch out for in Cancer ascendant Aquarius

Your weak points are the nervous system, the digestive and hepatic system, the legs, the eyes. You have to watch your diet, your blood pressure which affects your body. Monitor your circulation, your eyesight.

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