Dan Millman, author of the book: “Your Life Path”

“Each path has its own obstacles; each obstacle has a lesson; each lesson is one step closer to the top of the mountain. The path seems quite difficult at times, but the higher we climb, the more the view is beautiful. »

« Your Life Path »

Dan Millman: Biographical Overview

Dan Milman is an American writer also known for his sporting career since he was world champion in trampoline gymnastics and international competitor in all disciplines. He very quickly established the link between his sports activities and his transmission by adding his skills in psychology. Indeed, he has taught many disciplines and forms of psychophysical training in addition to yoga, dance, martial arts and gymnastics. As a writer, his book entitled « The Peaceful Warrior » published in 1980 helped to make him known worldwide since this book became a bestseller before being adapted to the cinema in 2005.

“Your Life Path” by Dan Millman

Dan Millman also wrote “Votre chemin de vie” published in France in 1991, a work inspired by ancient Greek wisdom based on the pre-eminence of numbers to explain everything. Related to numerology, the use of this ancient Greek wisdom proves to be more appropriate for retracing your life path: clearer and more precise, it takes on a decisive scale under the pen of Dan Millman to reveal you to yourself. It will suffice to initiate the search for your life path via the number of your date of birth in order to start the unveiling of your destiny. This method will make it possible to discover the purpose of its existence by understanding the laws which govern it and the mysteries which must lead to it.

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Dan Millman: a methodical scout

Thus, through this book, Dan Millman has established himself as a true methodical scout, who opens your own path, basing his advice on a solid approach, validated by this ancient Greek wisdom close to even more precise numerology, around laws rooted in reality:

« All these laws have a practical value in the life of all human beings, but they are also keys that open different doors and levers that act on different needs »

Dan Millman immediately proves through his vocabulary the luminous symbolic force that inhabits him and his ability to transmit it, making his knowledge of sporting and psychological matters a fertile encounter for each reader. Especially since Dan Millman continues his career as a lecturer and teacher around the world, helping to clarify, to do educational work around his writings.

Over the years I have written several books in which I have described the way a peaceful warrior approaches life – how he fights his inner battle with courage, love and wisdom. With « Your Life Path », I complete an important cycle of my work by presenting to the public a simple method to help everyone discover and achieve their ultimate goal in life – a map that reveals to them the mountain they have to climb. and shows him the shortest way to the top.  »

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