Meditation exercise with the cards

There is another use of oracle cards, which will help you improve your practice of divination. You can use your cards to meditate! This allows you to connect to maps in a different way. You thus increase the exchange of energy between you and the cards, and can access a deeper understanding of their meaning.

In reality, meditation is:

  • Engage in contemplation or reflection
  • Engage in mental exercise for the purpose of attaining a high level of spiritual awareness

Meditating with the cards is therefore a great way to develop your intuition! This type of meditation is unique. It’s about focusing on the map and connecting with it. The interest of this type of connection with the map is that it opens the door to the unconscious and allows communication through sensations, emotions and images. It is one of the most effective and precise exercises. With practice, the cards will begin to speak to you in a language you can understand. By meditating on the meaning of the card and its relevance to your own life, you will connect to your emotions and receive important messages and guidance.

symbolic meditation

1 – Each day, choose a card. This card will tell you a story, the story of the human soul and its journey in its evolution. It is also that of the journey of your soul in the path of your life.

To start I suggest you start with the card of the man or woman who represents you.

2 – Look at this card for about 10 minutes in order to be able to capture as much visual and sensory information as possible. What symbols do you see? What is the center point of the map? What emotions do you feel?

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3- Put away your card and continue your day.

3 – Sleep with this card under your pillow.

4 – The next day, move on to the next card until the end of the cycle.

chakra meditation

Prepare a space to sit or lie down comfortably, and choose one of the oracle cards. Study the card image. If you wish, you can consult the interpretation of the map.

Then lie down or sit comfortably, holding the card. If you are lying down, I suggest you place the card either on your heart chakra or on your third eye chakra, in order to connect to its energies. You can also add some crystals like amethyst (it increases psychic awareness and opens neural pathways).

Close your eyes, and visualize the character on the card in your mind. See them reaching out to you, inviting you to walk with him.

A path appears in front of you – or a hallway – and you walk with it. Ask him questions, if you wish. Or just listen to see if he has something to say. What does it show you? What is he wearing? Spend time with him, watching him.

When you’re ready, thank him for his guidance and leave. Come back to yourself and think about your experience.

visualization meditation

You can practice this meditation anywhere, anytime.

All you have to do is prepare as best you can and choose a card. Look at her, then close your eyes. Try to see this card with your mind’s eye.

Concentrate on keeping the image of the card stable in your mind. If your attention wanders, gently bring it back. Do this for five minutes.

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Open your eyes.

The interest of this exercise lies in mindfulness and energy connection. Mindfulness, because you deliberately focus your attention, and energy, because it will be easier for you to “see” the map with your eyes closed once you begin to make an energetic connection with it.

This oracle is unique and it will connect to you in a unique way.

The skills developed through meditation are helpful in reducing stress levels, controlling anxiety and emotional reactions, as well as productivity and attention span. Meditating with the cards helps to enrich the understanding of their messages.

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