Sagittarius Decans: Dates and Differences

A decan corresponds to one third of your zodiac sign. A decan is made up of 10 degrees, out of the 30 degrees, attributed to each sign of the zodiac.

People born between November 23 and December 21 are native Sagittarius.

Here is everything you need to know about the three decans of Sagittarius for the zodiac signs for November and the astro signs for December.

Sagittarius 1st decan: from November 23 to December 2

They are the most honest and outspoken people you will find around you. They have a good sense of humor and a big heart. Plus, they’re always ready for adventure. Sagittarius 1st decan is one of the most daring and courageous people. In fact, Sagittarius himself is one of the bravest of the zodiac signs.

In a completely different register, Sagittarians first decan also believe in spreading laughter and joy wherever you go. Sometimes their honesty can get them into trouble that could have been avoided. Sagittarius 1st decan is advised to pay attention to this.

Sagittarius 2nd decan: December 3 to 12

Energy and enthusiasm are the hallmarks of these natives. Sagittarius 2nd decan is full of energy and love of life. Along the same lines, they are also impulsive, and you may find that many hasty decisions are made when you are around them. They find it difficult to stay in one place and are very restless.

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However, don’t be fooled. They know what they want from their life and will work for it with the same relentlessness that they show every day. They crave variety in their lives, and get bored if there isn’t any. Sagittarius second decan can master any task he takes on. Sometimes, however, he can be too harsh.

Sagittarius 3rd decan: December 13 to 21

Accuracy and truth come naturally to these natives. Contrary to what we said about the 2nd decan, Sagittarius 3rd decan is not impulsive. He is cautious in his relationships and is therefore a very good negotiator. Sagittarians 3rd decan are born leaders and can easily influence people. Fun fact, they are also very seductive!

They can be careful and careful in their actions, but they will never hesitate to take a risk. They are some of the warmest and most endearing people you will ever meet, and those who know them up close will tell you that. Sagittarius third decan 3 can be a great animator, artist and actor.

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