Horoscope: why make it? What it says about us

What is the horoscope?

Do you regularly read your horoscope, know your astrological sign and have you even delved into the compatibility of astrological signs? It’s high time to get your birth chart established!

This astrological rite of passage can be ordered online on our website. You can also make an appointment with an in-office astrologer. Whichever way you proceed, the information is the same. To establish your birth chart, you need to know exactly where the sun, moon and planets were placed in the sky at the time of your birth.

While horoscopes, tarot readings, and other forms of fortune telling work best when you have a question in mind, a birth chart is much more comprehensive and doesn’t require any special requests.

In fact, it’s a snapshot of all the directions your life could take. In the birth chart, you can highlight personality, drives, fears, family relationships, psychological patterns, and more.

To begin this astrological journey, you need to communicate a few key details about yourself: the day you were born, the time of your birth, and the place of your birth. Using this information, astrologers, using astrology software, can map the sign each astral body was in at the time of your birth. You are probably already familiar with your zodiac sign, or sun sign. This is indeed the sign with which the sun was aligned when you were born.

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But the signs the moon and planets align with also have a major impact on who you are. A full birth chart can tell you about yourself, your family, the life you were born into, and what your soul seeks to heal and / or accomplish in this life.

The sun

Like we said, you probably already know your sun sign. It is the sign that you select when you read your faithful horoscope.

The sun speaks of our Ego, the « I Am », which prompts me to be who I am and how I identify.

In other words, your sun sign reflects who you are all the time, no matter who you are with or what you do.

The moon

It is the second key data of your birth chart, and its location tells you what your moon sign is. The moon is about our emotional selves and what we need to feel safe and nourished.

The sign the moon was in when you were born is the side of you that only a few can see, and it’s what guides you when you need direction. For this reason, your moon sign tends to be the guiding force in your decision making.

Your rising sign

Your rising sign is based on the constellation that was on the horizon at the exact time you were born. This sign represents the way others see you.

The rising sign changes every two hours or so, which is just one of the reasons you should try to be as specific as possible when giving your birth time.

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The inner planets

The inner planets include Mercury, Venus, and Mars, in addition to the sun and the moon. Typically, inner planets, or personal planets, can describe basic personality traits, needs, and wants.

Mercury rules your mind and your communication, Venus rules your love life, and Mars rules your actions and overall energy. So, for example, if Venus was in Aries when you were born, it could mean that you are playful and even motivated when it comes to love, since these qualities are associated with Aries.

Simply put, the key characteristics of the sign a particular planet is in when you are born will influence a specific aspect of your life.

The outer planets

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto’s respective areas of influence are more abstract – rather than determining you, they reflect what will make your life special.

Jupiter rules luck and progress, Saturn rules your fears and self-discipline, Uranus’ rules change, Neptune rules dreams and how you heal, and Pluto rules your power and transformation. The placement of these planets may suggest what to expect in these areas.

Your ruling planet

Since you already know which parts of life rule each of the planets, you have a head start in understanding the meaning of your ruling planet, or the planet associated with your ascendant sign. The qualities of this planet can tell you more about yourself, what you value and what governs your behavior.

For example, if your ascending sign is Gemini, the ruling planet on your card is Mercury. Thanks to the influence of this planet, you are probably talkative and intelligent. You will also be more affected by Mercury’s orbit and movements, especially if it is retrograde.

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Is that a lot of information? Don’t let the intricacies of the birth chart deter you from getting yours established.

Astrology is for everyone. It can give hope, as well as advice and comfort. But above all, astrology will give you the confirmation that everything is written in the stars: the person you are but also the one you can become!

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