Influence of the planets in astrology: the planet Venus

The planet Venus

Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, although it is not the closest to the Sun, due to its very thick atmosphere which creates an extreme greenhouse effect. It is home to more volcanoes than any other planet, giving it an incredible connection to the astrological symbolism of Pluto. Due to its proximity to Earth, it is considered the brightest of the planets in the sky, and it is the only planet named after a female figure. This puts a strong emphasis on her feminine role, and aside from our reflective satellite – the Moon, we will see how closely the celestial bodies in our charts can relate to our feminine side. Venus is a lady among the planets, rotating in the opposite direction to most of them, and fogged up by thick clouds that make it impossible for her surface to recognize anything beyond.

Venus in astrology

Venus is the goddess of love. In astrology, Venus has a double dominance over Libra and Taurus. Accordingly, Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money.

“Love and Money” is actually a simplistic take on Venus. Venus rules how we feel, what we value, and how much we enjoy life. Grace, charm and beauty are all ruled by Venus. Through Venus, we discover our tastes, our pleasures, our artistic inclinations and what makes us happy.

The planet Venus in the natal chart

We look to Venus in the natal chart to see how we approach relationships from the heart, as well as what gives us pleasure. Do we love the exchanges (Venus in Libra), the security that our relationships give us (Venus in Cancer) or the thrill of conquest (Venus in Aries)? Its placement in the houses of the natal chart reveals the areas of life that we seek to balance and that give us pleasure. Do we take particular pleasure in our work and daily routines (Venus in the 6th house), in study and travel (Venus in the 9th house), or in taking care of our house (Venus in the 4th house) ?

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We also look to Venus to show how we spend our money, the types of gifts we buy, and how much we spend on leisure activities (not to mention the types of leisure activities we seek).

Traditionally, astrologers have interpreted the position and condition of Venus in the birth chart differently depending on gender. The reason for treating Venus differently in the chart of men and women is based on the idea that men may tend to « deny » the qualities of Venus. Since Venus energies have to go somewhere, when a man does not “own” or identify with his Venus, the energies would be projected onto the women he meets and bonds with. Likewise, women are believed to relate more readily to the qualities of Venus and « possess » them more readily.

The concept of projection is interesting and valid. However, while this may be true with Venus to some degree today, we prefer not to attach any gender bias to Venus and Mars. In our experience, men and women tend to take on the role of Venus in their relationships in equal measure.

Venus rules attractiveness – both the ability to attract others (and things). Venus energy is harmonious, which is why people with Venus at the top of their charts are often peacemakers. In Venus, there is a need to be appreciated and appreciated. Venus rules the arts, love and romance, beauty and the beautification process, money, entertainment, leisure, sensuality and comfort, among others.

Venus is never more than 45 degrees from the Sun. Venus rules Libra and Taurus, is at the expense of the opposite signs of those she rules (Aries and Scorpio), is exalted in Pisces and in her fall in Virgo.

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When we “act” our Venus, we compromise, make peace, love and act with relish. On the negative side, we can be self-centered, conceited, and superficial.

Venus represents our ability to love, to find beauty in all things in life, and to enjoy our physical existence while creating fine balance in relationships with others. Her key ability is to create beauty and show us where to look for it, and when linked with evil forces she will speak of a tendency to find beauty in difficulties and experiences that most people recognize. as negative. It is the planet of pleasure, physical and emotional, and has little to do with reason and common sense, especially when exalted and placed in the sign of Pisces – the sign of the fall of Mercury.

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