Access your Crédit Agricole accounts on the internet

Like all the major banks in France and around the world, Crédit Agricole now offers an online banking service to all these customers. This virtual service allows all registered customers to access their Agricultural Credit accounts without going to a branch. In fact, access to accounts is done from a computer or a smartphone. Are you interested in this option? Follow this article prepared by to find out how to securely access your Crédit Agricole account on the Internet.

A very practical banking service

By setting up its remote banking service, Crédit Agricole facilitates access to bank accounts for their customers. Wherever you are and at any time, you can access your account, follow the different movements and transactions and perform various operations such as transfers, statement requests or even direct debit authorization. You could even close your account remotely using this service. All of this is done in a completely secure manner and very quickly. Note that these banking services are directly attached to the bank. It is therefore not a subsidiary, unlike the remote banking service of Crédit Mutuel which is called CMUT.

Access To Your Credit Agricole Accounts On Internet Avis

Access To Your Credit Agricole Accounts On Internet Avis

On which platforms are the services accessible?

To monitor and manage your Crédit Agricole account remotely, you can go directly to the bank’s website via a browser. On this site, you could access your personal space and take advantage of all the available features. You can also access remote banking services via the Crédit Agricole mobile application. This app is available for free download from app stores like App Store and Google Play Store. Download the app and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

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How to obtain an identifier and an access code?

To access your personal space, the Crédit Agricole site and application will ask you for a username and an access code. They are directly linked to your identity and ensure the individuality and confidentiality of your accounts. This information is provided by your advisor. Therefore, you should ask an advisor for your username and access code before using Crédit Agricole’s online banking services. There are several ways to get this information:

  • Go to your branch: you can directly consult your advisor at your Crédit Agricole branch. He will then provide you with the access code and the identifier in person. Do not forget to bring your proof of identity when going to the agency.
  • Call the advisor by phone: Crédit Agricole offers customer service by phone that you can reach to make a request. Your username and access code will be sent to you by mail once your request has been taken into account. Crédit Agricole customer service can be contacted by phone Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Send a request by email: you can also submit your request by email. To do this, you must send an email with the subject line « access Crédit Agricole online ». Your username will be sent to you by email. The access code, meanwhile, will be sent to you by independent mail to prevent the dissemination of information in the event of intrusions into your computer or smartphone.

All you have to do is enter your access code and your username in the dedicated fields when you connect to the site or to the Crédit Agricole mobile application. You will then be automatically registered in your personal space.

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Your username and access code must be kept confidential. Crédit Agricole also recommends that you keep the access code in memory and never write it down somewhere to prevent other people from having access to it.

Access To Your Credit Agricole Accounts On Internet Advice

Access To Your Credit Agricole Accounts On Internet Advice

A completely free service

Crédit Agricole’s online banking services are completely free. You would therefore not have to pay any additional costs for monitoring and managing your online accounts. Of course, the usual bank charges will apply. Note, however, that online services are not offered by all Crédit Agricole branches. Find details of the bank’s branches throughout France here.

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