How to deal with uncertainty?

Evolving in the face of uncertainty

Faced with uncertainty, we are usually stressed, anxious or even terrified. Whether this uncertainty concerns work, family, relationships or finances, our minds are disturbed. When the stress “button” is activated, a whirlwind of old negative thoughts and emotions mix with new circumstances. This whirlwind is your mind’s way of protecting you. For years it has been conditioned to shield you from change and uncertainty, but those thoughts are not who you are!

Nothing can dim your inner light. You are an infinite being, but your mind is too narrow and limited to perceive it. So when you face uncertainty, remember: you are more than a physical body and a mind that has thoughts, you are a spiritual being!

Most of the time, we are “sucked up” in the famous whirlwind, we try to know and control everything that is going to happen. The important thing is to let go of who you think you are or are meant to be. Become who you are!

Perfectionism is a self-defeating and addictive belief system that fuels this primal thought: “ if I am perfect and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize painful feelings of shame, judgment and blame. »

When you are constantly focused on doing everything perfectly and trying to control and minimize your feelings, you prevent yourself from experiencing the many possibilities that live within you and that life has in store for you. What is « perfect » anyway?

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Why limit yourself only to what you have seen so far in life? Is there any chance that something wonderful and exciting exists? There are so many things that you have not yet discovered within yourself!

When you think about it through this perspective, uncertainty can be a catalyst for growth. Indeed, it takes you out of your comfort zone and your conditioned mind, and gives you a chance to discover things within yourself. Obviously, at the beginning, letting go is not easy. But dealing with uncertainty allows you to grow and achieve some essential things.

New experiences, new reactions

How do you usually react when something new and unfamiliar appears in your life? Do you think these reactions are good for you?

Your mind is constantly trying to find the path that generates the least resistance. Your mind signals your body to prepare for a stressful situation, and it does so very thoroughly, running through all the bad scripts and worst-case scenarios as vividly as possible, based on past experiences.

And the same goes for things that you know will be positive. For example, when someone throws a birthday party for you, or your spouse asks you to free up your schedule for a surprise weekend, or when you know you’re going to get a promotion at work.

By trying to predict and process these future events, you deprive yourself of certain possibilities.

In fact, judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances. By making judgments about how things are supposed to happen, you limit your reality.

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When you are free from judgment, you get new results. When you allow yourself to experience new things, not your past judgments and perspectives, you get new reactions and a new version of yourself.

Break the habit

Why does your brain make you feel so bad? This suffering, whether you are aware of it or not, is your habit.

It may have formed when you were young, due to a painful situation, or you inherited it from your parents or siblings. It can be so hard to overcome familiar suffering because you are so used to it. And when you repeat the same negative patterns, you also solidify them.

It’s not that you chose to be this way, it’s just that you’ve been doing things this way for so long that your body and mind don’t know how to do anything else. These emotional patterns are stored deep within you.

How can new ideas, thoughts and reality develop with these powerful models?

Trust yourself! You are able to make new choices, which will lead to new experiences. This will lead to new reactions; and so to a new one… YOU!

This is why uncertainty can be a real opportunity for personal growth, because it allows you to open your mind to something new, something that has never happened to you before.

Uncertainty is a gateway to a different reality

When you are truly connected to yourself in the face of something new, without prior judgment, you allow yourself to grow and evolve.

You can choose something different, and not a product of your habitual thoughts and your past. Something that is an expression of your true self, your infinite being.

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When you give yourself the opportunity to experience something different, you will discover a lot about yourself.

Can you imagine something different? Can you afford to look for something new in yourself? And once you experience that, how can that change your outlook on life?

Can you break free from old negative habits and patterns and give yourself a new opportunity?

At first, you’ll be running the same scripts and models, and that’s natural. But just keep going, one small step at a time, and the miracle of momentum will do the rest of the work for you.

If you give up thinking in order to be, a new reality will emerge in your life in ways you could never have imagined before.

If you don’t try to control, uncertainty may be the growth opportunity you’ve been looking for.

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