How to keep a Leo man?

Know the personality of the Leo man to better keep it

The native man of Leo sign stands out as a person with very specific views, knowing what is beneficial for him and demanding in the achievement of his objectives. Confident surrounded by his circle of friends, he shines and feels like a rooster. However, it is not the same with his/her companion/one with whom he does not succeed in softening his points of view enough, which can distraught them. Far from being a fine psychologist, his relationship as a couple suffers from it and it is not uncommon for it to be necessary to express it to him gently and simply so that he realizes his lack of closeness, empathy, of consideration.

How to keep a Leo man?

In this context, you will have to use all possible resources to better modify him and make him understand your dismay, your lack of recognition in his behavior towards you. This immaturity of the Leo man actually hides a latent shyness hidden behind the posture of an assertive man who cannot manage to decenter his convictions or his feelings. This alters the emulation of social relations or the bond of a couple, especially since the Leo man tends to be moreover somewhat childish in his approach to sentimental relations. You will need to be clear enough in his company to avoid being sidelined.

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Avoid certain pitfalls to better keep the Leo man

Indeed, the man born under the sign of Leo has the propensity to consider the relationship as a game in which you will be as he wishes, that is to say filled with laughter, a taste for celebration while being desirable, seductive /eur. It is a matter of making him understand firmly that he can turn himself into an adult in the relationship by striving to temper his childish reflux and above all postpone his psychological rigidity. Because, he turns out to be quite capable of realizing and modifying himself even if he can sometimes make the situation worse: in fact it is advisable to manage to measure your remonstrances and prefer a simple and direct attitude to convolutions that are too complicated. for him. So know how to avoid the pitfall of tension by favoring the valorization of one’s generosity and turning a blind eye to these blunders: live in the present moment.

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