How to seduce a Capricorn man?

Know the personality of the Capricorn man to better seduce him

The native man of capricorn sign has no equal in tracing the furrow of his life as a truly solitary, serious and demanding person. Therefore, none of those around him can feel a slight distance between him and them. On the other hand, for the closest circle, the family recognizes in him someone always present, knowing how to save or anticipate the needs of his family. This contrast between this concern for his “tribe” and his propensity for social withdrawal draws the complex contours of his personality. The Capricorn man must certainly rely on his protective values ​​to cultivate a more altruistic and supportive seeding on the outside. In addition, his sullen side, focused on his tasks, leaves no room for permeability to situations of relaxation, jovial expression, relaxed participation generated by humor, collective laughter.

How to seduce a Capricorn man?

In this context, no major concern for his suitors/your potential/the who will have to be complementary, bring the other polarity to his chipped personality: to make him enter the friendly dance, beyond the family with a lot of  » peps » and sensual radiance. Attracted by his qualities as a man harnessed to his task and a little fairy for his family, you will be able to interfere in his flaws like a header in a building that seems compact. Like a soft stone in this rocky wall, it will be up to you, by small touches, to bring it, through your social enthusiasm and your luscious joy, an additional thickness, a suggestive openness. In this dynamic grip, the Capricorn man will show himself to be gradually turned upside down internally by your solar life, and will outline signs of attraction for you. The Capricorn man will go so far as to fall in love if you show yourself to be even more outgoing, sensual/glamorous.

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Intoxicated by your character at the antipodes of his, the Capricorn man will then lend you allegiance as revealed by his reverse. However, beware of overconfidence and excitement on your part. Indeed, the man born under the sign of Capricorn, with his well-established personality, will not allow himself to be “overwhelmed” by a person who is too hasty or eager or excessive in terms of attire and theatricality. Do not forget that the Capricorn man attracted by his opposite remains someone rather austere and solitary, an ant more than a cicada and that it is not a question of skipping the steps by wanting to change him too quickly. This is not possible head-on and quickly, as with most human relationships, which require patience and length of time. So, don’t panic more than necessary, remain confident in your own qualities while thinking of containing yourself and calming your ardor somewhat.

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