Astrological portrait of Libra ascending Taurus

Character traits of the Ascendant Taurus Libra

Charming, warm, even flirtatious, native of the sign of Libra, ascending Taurus, you are looking for pleasure in all its forms. You operate on instinct or everything is shimmering colors. You are focused on beauty and love. Easy going, nothing touches you or makes you happy, you demonstrate a certain philosophy that allows you to always take life on the safe side, which makes you pleasant to be around. Faithful in your friendships and in your actions, you are someone you can count on. The Ascendant Taurus Libra is very good at making life fun and pleasant for those around him. Benevolent and helpful, he attaches great importance to others, which makes him communicative and devoted.

Libra ascending Taurus and love

You have this penchant for indulging in whims and infidelities. Despite this desire for stability, you are tempted to live many adventures before meeting the person who will share your daily life.

As a couple, you have no shortage of ideas to get out of monotony, you surprise your partner with your initiatives. Your relationship is based on charm, sensuality, seduction, pleasure. Tactile, you need to feel your “other half” and nothing reassures you more than to be in his arms. You are faithful but you cannot stand boredom, you can look elsewhere or end a story if it does not satisfy you. The development of the ascending Taurus Libra goes through the creation of a family and therefore the long term.

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Libra ascending Taurus and Labor

Your methodical side leaves you to do nothing to chance in your activity. You have great potential for work, although it sometimes takes time to get started. Logical, rational, creative, you have a wide range of skills, so you can claim positions of responsibility. Conciliator, available, attentive to his collaborators, you have facilities to smooth out tensions and conflicts. Passionate, the ascending Taurus Libra makes every effort to succeed in his projects and actions. Even if he does not always agree with his superiors, he easily complies with their demands. He climbs the ranks thanks to his determination and his will, his professional path is coherent and regular.

The ascending Taurus Libra and Health

You are enduring, resistant, despite a certain sensitivity to stress. In order to be in full possession of your means and your concentration, you must avoid tensions and distressing situations that could have repercussions on your body. Your energies are fluid, light but safe as is your recovery.

The weak points of the ascending Taurus Libra

Your weak points are the ears, throat, thyroid, kidney and urinary system. You must pay attention to temperature differences that can affect your vocal cords, you can suffer from voice extinctions, tracheitis, laryngitis. You may be prone to tinnitus or to have trouble with your balance due to an inner ear problem.

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