The Libra sign in love: how to make them fall in love

As their name suggests, Libra is always on the lookout for balance in everything around them. Whether in love, in friendship or at work, his relationships with others are consolidated on a harmonious basis. Moreover, this is why it is presented as the most harmonious sign of the zodiac. Libra is a sign of the Air element ruled by Venus, hence its great attachment to love and friendship.

At Libra, there is only « luxury, calm and pleasure ». However, Libras excel in diplomacy, conflict resolution, art, law and many other things. These are all qualities that inspire admiration in others. However, its strong taste for luxury can give it a sometimes superficial image.

The Libra woman: very sociable and spiritual

The libra woman likes to meet people while forging friendships with others. In her eyes, human relationships are so essential that she travels places to meet people. Regardless of the nature or quality of the conversations she has with others, the essential thing is to be able to communicate, to be perceived and to exchange. Therefore, she constantly wants to expand her circle of friends.

However, because of her preference for luxury and beauty, many people judge her to be superficial and unserious. On the other hand, to believe in these terms would amount to underestimating one’s intellectual capacities; because the Libra woman is a creature full of talents, who is able to offer many things. Moreover, as a symbol of social justice, it encourages learning, equality and equity. She is a strong, kind woman, very optimistic in sometimes difficult situations. However, she is very sensitive, jealous and can be more or less reckless in certain situations.

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The Libra woman in love: refined and charming

Physically, the Libra woman aligns beauty, elegance, tenderness, sensuality and captivating charm. She has the art and tact to seduce her partner in style. The problem is that she is sometimes too dependent on others. This is why, in love, she needs a refined, well-educated man, who has esteem for her and has a certain financial ease.

However, although she is soft and tender, the Libra woman seeks an intense relationship in love, of pleasure, and where communication and words prevail. In addition, she adores simple relationships, she likes to entertain herself, to have fun and to interact with others. But, above all, she hates a conflicting romantic relationship, with sometimes many spats.

In love, the Libra woman has many particular affinities with Gemini, Leo and Aquarius men, but also with Libra men.

The Libra man: a somewhat elusive seducer

The Libra man is a sensitive person who cares about his physical appearance. He likes to take care of himself and his body. Just like the Libra woman, the Libra man loves to converse with others, as he is quite sociable. On the other hand, he prefers less the debates or the conservations carried on the polemical subjects and verbal vehemences. Indeed, he tends to dodge litigation. That is why in conversation, he does not generally defend his points of view or his ideals.

In the event of a crisis, he hesitates to act, hoping that the situation will resolve itself. Although he refuses confrontation, it must be emphasized that the Libra man is very perceptive and intelligent. However, as a fault he can be embittered, possessive and sometimes neglectful.

How to please a Libra native
How to please a Libra native

The Libra man in love: sentimental and delicate

It’s an axiom, the Libra man is a real passionate about love. In seduction, he has nothing to envy, because he has brand assets when he wants to conquer his sweetheart.

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Moreover, carried by the waves of love, he knows how to show romantic imaginations and sometimes advanced creativity to make his suitor fall under his bewitching charm. Every time he flirts, he wants it to remain unforgettable for his girlfriend. In short, it is very pleasant to share your life with the Libra man, because he knows how to pamper, give pleasure and take care of his partner.

However, he is looking for a delicate, sensual and caring woman, just like him. He also has a special interest in loyal and honest personalities.

To seduce him or to attract his attention, it is essential to use delicate flattery and subjects leading to deep and rational discussions.

It’s also worth being patient with the Libra man in relationships, as he may find it difficult to really get started. In love, he is an individual compatible with women belonging to the signs of Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini as well as Libra.

What are the love compatibilities of the Libra sign?

Generally, Libras succumb to the charm of people ruled by the planet Venus. Indeed, Venus symbolizes the goddess of love and beauty. Therefore, the Libra woman will live a harmonious and lasting relationship with the Taurus man, whose loyalty and artistic talent she praises. In the same way, Mr Libra will let himself be seduced by a woman of the Taurus sign, with whom he will maintain a very marked carnal complicity.

What are Libra’s flaws?

It is true that Libras adore the company of others, but this desire to be constantly surrounded deprives them of sometimes taking a position on a given situation. Indeed, this has the effect of annoying others, irritating their sensitivity. It even happens that your purely consensual attitude is perceived by others as being a sign of bad faith.

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So, rely on your own judgment and try to often take the side of justice and not the middle ground.

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