Leo Decans: Dates and Differences

We often wonder: why are people with the same zodiac sign sometimes so different in the way they act or feel? This is because there are decans in astrology with different energy. Let’s see the decans of the sign Leo which is an astro sign for July and an astro sign for the month of August.

Leo 1st decan: July 23-31

This is fire at its best. Strong convictions, creative intelligence and ability to hold positions of authority. Passionate, fun, their presence never goes unnoticed. On the emotional level, they are exuberant and even a little dramatic, which gives them a great facility for play or eloquence. Good communication with their own children or other children. The negative side of this decan is that patience is not their virtue, and because of their high ego, they are very open to outside pressures. They feel like small things or routine are not for them, so they sometimes have the wrong attitudes thinking they are kings or queens.

Leo 2nd decan: August 1 to 10

These lions generally have high principles of justice and ethics. They are cheerful, optimistic, restless, they know how to adapt to circumstances, using certain diplomatic qualities very well. They need freedom and their own space, especially in affective relationships. Outdoor sports, travel and gambling are among their favorite pastimes. Their negative side is that they don’t know how to set boundaries, as they are outgoing and outspoken and can unknowingly hurt their sensitive surroundings. They can preach extreme prejudice, sometimes wearing a mask that doesn’t match their inner selves when it comes to extreme enjoyment of pleasure, in every way.

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Leo 3rd decan: August 11 to 22

Pioneering qualities. Dynamic, vehement, with restless, impetuous energy. They spontaneously move from one goal to another if they feel it is not worth it, or if they get tired of it. This influence causes them to bounce back more quickly from failure. The negative side of this decan is that they do not accept losing, their pride and their warrior soul can lead them to mistakes that end in regrets and somatize their sorrows in their health. You will have to work a lot on thinking about your instinctive reactions.

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